Life is about the moments that matter

I figured out a while ago that I should spend my life solving problems and so I’m pursuing engineering. While engineering isn’t easy, many pursue it in hopes of entering their field of work right after college. That was me, for like the first week of my freshman year. I quickly figured out, though, that […]

How to be a Leader: Walk on the Water, Remain on the Rock

Being a Leadership minor has its perks, and one of them is the Keurig coffee maker in the Idea Lounge. I haven’t actually used it personally, but I’ve heard good things about it. And we can’t forget about the sweet whiteboard walls in VanZoeren 182, one of the few times in our lives in which it’s […]

Hope Grows

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your summers! For all of you high school seniors, CONGRATULATIONS!  I have been very busy in Holland so far this summer. My May term has ended, and I am now apart of HEI (Hope Entrepreneurship Initiative). This means there are eight Hope students who are working on […]

Best May Term Class!

Hello everyone! I am currently in JPs Coffee House prepping for my presentation that I give in about an hour. The entrepreneurship class has been great! We have heard from several different speakers and are learning about developing our ideas. We have talked about idea generation, idea assessment, idea protection, branding, human resources, financial resources, […]