Fall Break

Did I just have a fall break? I did not do anything yet! I think the fall break was too short, but one of my friends cheered me up by saying, “Think about this, we have only three days this week!” Attitude matters!

I just feel it was weird that I had the Monday schedule today, and I will go to Thursday’s classes tomorrow. That means a lot. Normally, most of the professors set Friday as the deadline of assignments… Here comes the problem. I have tons of homework due tomorrow this weekend! And even two more midterm exams next week! My life is so rich.

I am not really going to talk about my fall break today because the main thing I did was… just sleeping all the time. It just reminds me that the Grey’s-Anatomy-Big-Bang-S.H.I.E.L.D Friday night is coming! Being a sofa potato for a couple hours is actually the best time for an engineer.

Let me think about something cool I did last week. First, we went to a Korean BBQ in Tunnel Park last weekend. Great food and people made the food even more delicious.

2014-09-27 15.57.23


Lake Michigan is so beautiful!

I will share more stories this weekend 🙂

Sunday Beach Adventure

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather this past week and I wanted to take advantage of what might be our last opportunity to venture to the beach before fall’s chill sets in.

So, my roommate promised that if I finished writing my papers she would take me to the beach this weekend. I finished one and outlined the second so we considered that close enough and took a homework break with a friend on our floor to get some Cold Stone ice cream and then head to the beach.

While my parents were in Holland for orientation weekend back in August they found Laketown Beach Park and insisted I get the chance to visit before winter. I am so glad that we did! From the parking lot you have to climb stairs up the dunes and then down the other side to reach the water. The view was breathtaking! The sound of the water and feel of the sand under my feet was enough to give my mind a re-charging for the week ahead.

I took too many pictures of the amazing view, but here are a few of my favorites from our beach adventure!

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Fall recess is in just 5 days! I can’t wait to visit home for awhile, but I will miss the beautiful sights Holland, MI has to offer.

I hope you have a fabulous week!
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To Study, Or Not to Study?

To Study, Or Not to Study? Holland, Michigan is so absolutely beautiful, so I constantly feel tempted to explore the outdoors and play in the current beautiful weather. Last Saturday, my friends and I were studying at Starbucks, when suddenly I received the urge to play in the water at the beach. I asked my friends if we should be on top of our game and keep studying, or if we should close our books and head for the beach. We all agreed to jump right in the car and change into our swimsuits. We drove back to campus with the windows rolled down and blasted the music.  Here are some of the common activities we do at the beach:

  • Lay out and catch some rays
  • Walk along the water
  • Play frisbee in the lake
  • Jump off the pier
  • Play beach volleyball
  • Read for fun
  • Make sandcastles

Whenever you arrive at State Park, you have to park far away so you do not have to pay for parking. However, the walk is definitely worth it.

I absolutely love Lake Michigan and its beaches. I think this picture needs to be on a postcard or something. Holland is full of beauty, and I think every Hope student enjoys visiting its beaches.

I am glad I ended up taking a study break to enjoy the wonderful beach. It is super important to enjoy the nice weather while we still have it. Hopefully I will be able to make another trip to the beach sometime this week. I’ll keep you posted =]

Until next time,


Beach Escape!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. Today concludes the first day of exam week. I woke up at 7 to study before my Spanish exam this morning. I was very tired because I had stayed up late working on my stats final exam paper, but no worries… IT IS FINISHED! I felt so relieved to have that accomplished. Now I am just finishing up with a couple of other papers. 

Of course, I did not study all weekend. I allowed myself some fun. I went out to dinner in Grand Rapids, attended a concert outside of Good Time Donuts, attended my roommate’s dance concert, hung out with people, longboarded, visited Holland State Park, ate at a Mexican restaurant, and went to Starbucks. With all of this, I still was able to accomplish a lot of homework and have fun. 

I think my favorite part about the weekend was visiting the beach at Holland State Park. I had never visited there before, and it was gorgeous. We watched the sunset and walked along the beach. Hopefully I will be able to go to the beach another time this week. I love study breaks! Today, my roommate and I shopped downtown Holland, and we also went to Wal-Mart and Target. Now we are “studying” and trying to accomplish some homework.

I should probably get back to my homework now. I’ll be filling you in more about final week!

Beautiful Sunset!

I love my friends!

Group Shot =]

Springing into Springtime

Things I like about Spring in Holland:

  • Tulips and flowers are budding
  • I sleep with the window open
  • Frozen/iced coffee drinks from JP’s, Lemonjello’s, and Starbucks 
  • Visiting the beach 
  • Laying in the pinegrove looking at stars
  • Everyone is in high spirits because the cold weather is gone
  • Pulling my bike out of the storage room
  • Snow? What is that?
  • All winter jackets and boots are stored away in my closet
  • Going to get ice cream from Captain Sundae or walking to ColdStone
  • Classes are starting to wind down
  • Wearing shorts, skirts, and flip-flops
  • Spring cleaning (our room needs to be dusted)

These are just some of the things I could think of off the top of my head. School is going very well. My classes are starting to wind down and papers are starting to come. However, I enjoy working on my papers outside and spending time with people in the Pine Grove. Last night several students slept out in the Pine Grove for a homeless sleep-out to raise awareness for homelessness. The event was put on by Habitat for Humanity, and several students participated in the event.

I have been enjoying the nice weather and sunshine. However, I need to do some major work this weekend so I can finish up the school year strong. I hope you all have wonderful weekend!

Spring Package from my mom!

Sand, Sun and Fun!

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday, Holland had a high of 80; the nicest day in 2011. The Pine Grove was filled with people playing music, reading a book, kicking a soccer ball, swinging on a hammock, long boarding, napping, and just hanging out with friends. Students broke out their warm weather clothes and shoved their jackets and sweaters in the back of their closets. I personally loved pulling out my flip-flops; they have missed me.

I typically spend Sundays working on homework, but this amazing weather needed to be recognized. Instead of working on homework, I played in the pine grove, long boarded, visited the beach, and ate at Qdoba.

The beach was absolutely beautiful. The water felt very chilly, but the sun felt so nice. Little kids were flying kites and making sand castles; they were so cute. I wanted to join them, but I swung on the swing set instead.

After our visit to the beach, we drove around Holland in my friend’s Mercedes convertible. It was so much fun sitting on the back of the car and enjoying the warm weather. We blasted the music as loud as we could and enjoyed riding around in Holland.

Needless to say, I did not complete any homework yesterday, but I worked at JP’s all day so I made up for my work from yesterday. It is important to enjoy college, but schoolwork also needs to be completed (at least that is what my parents tell me).

I hope you all have wonderful weeks!

Until next time,


Drive Around Holland!