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This week, Marvin and I have united our powers to find the best coffee in town, just for you. As you might have seen some similar videos on the web, because this “challenge” was held in Holland, Michigan we can assure you that you will not see anything like this. All the caffeine addicts out there; we got you. As someone who is very particular with their coffee (extra hot, skim milk, double shot latte) I can assure you that the results were not biased and were definitely on point.

Enough said about the video; check it out to see who won two upperclassmen’s hearts who basically have more coffee than blood in their veins…

So if you liked that video (we’re sure you found that entertaining at least), you should check out the coffeeshop’s website. Our favorite (personal opinions) Lemonjello’s has so many great options. From teas, to pastries, what else could you want? And to mention that they were recently mentioned in a Buzzed article titled, “24 U.S. Coffee Shops To Visit Before You Die.” If it’s Buzzed mentioned, it’s definitely worth the visit!

The next coffeeshop to visit is JP’s Coffee. There is just so much recognition in Holland’s coffeeshops. They were mentioned as one of America’s top 10 coffeeshops according to the USA Today. So in other words, come to Hope. Not only do we have spectacular academics and community, but we have great coffee affirmed by the great nation of America.

Up next is Alpenrose Restaurant. What a great place. It’s Holland’s personal European style delicatessen and café. Definitely worth the visit with great coffee, pastries, and FOOD! Lastly, we have Hope College’s own coffee from Simpatico Coffee. Simpatico has coffee joints in both Holland and Grand Rapids. They offer a true café-esque atmosphere. Another place to visit!

Make sure you share our video and share this post with you friends. They’ll probably want to come to Hope College afterwards! Thanks for reading and the support!

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Greetings! My name is Marvin Solberg and my hometown is Traverse City, Michigan. I am a Hope College senior studying nursing, and aspire to obtain my Ph.D. in nursing research with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor. At Hope College, I am involved in Student Activities Committee (SAC), Student Blogging at Admissions, Ballet and Hip-Hop Club, Hope College Immersion Trips, and I am a nursing teaching assistant (TA)! I love God, my family, and friends. There's truly no place like Hope College; I call it my home away from home!

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