It’s All About Fall

It’s been two weeks since Fall Break has ended, but autumn has just begun – and on campus, many of us are psyched to bring back the UGGS, pumpkin spice lattes, beanies, and all of the leaf jumping and as many afternoon Starbucks runs that can fit into a college student’s schedule. I’ll admit it. […]

The Fall Break Fridge Frenzy, featuring Fantastic Food

A few weeks ago while speaking with my mom on the phone, she asked me what type of cake I’d like to have for my 20th birthday (count it down, everyone– my birthday is in fourteen days!). I pondered it for a moment– Chocolate? Vanilla? Pumpkin Spice (it is Fall, right)? But I had only […]

We’re Odd.

Odd (adjective): strange, weird, peculiar. We’ve got that covered.   Odd (noun): every sign pointing closer to the Black River. Have you seen them?   ODD (verb): lifestyle. It’s more than ending with ’17. It’s more than the three hour strife of the pull in the pits. It’s Odd Year Pride.   Today, Hope College […]

Grace So Great That We Can Say “Yes” From The Cage

We’re like birds in cages, flying about, so focused on not getting too close to the walls that we don’t even realize that the door out was left open. And it was not left open by accident. I had a chat with God tonight in the fifth pew from the front on the left-hand side […]

Live in Light, Walk in Love.

“If you trip, do not cause another person to fall.” I look back at the first day of my freshman year of high school – while walking up the stairs to my second class, Science Interactions, someone stepped on the back of my flip-flop. I fell up the stairs, dropped all of my books… and […]

It’s Colder Up North Than It Is In Holland

ROAD TRIP: One (of many) adventures a college student will take part in throughout their years of schooling. And, since we were searching for an adventure, that’s exactly what we did. My cousin, Jordan, her roommate, Rachel, and I made a trek up north on Friday afternoon to my family’s timeshare about an hour south […]

Beautiful: A Reminder of Worth

Are you worth it? I looked in the mirror this morning, as I do every day, and on this particular morning, I was nit-picking at my appearance. Thoughts swirled in my brain. I wish I look different, maybe taller, more muscular. Shorter. Brown hair, without glasses, with glasses; the list continues for an eternity. A […]

Hey, I’m Home Again!

Home Sweet Hope, as the saying goes. It’s a new year with new and exciting experiences ahead, and I am psyched to see what God has planned for me in the coming weeks. With this in mind, I figure with the new year starting off, I’ll throw in a reintroduction as well as a recap […]

From Hope to Hillsong

When a promoted ad for a Hillsong concert in Grandville, Michigan, popped up on my Twitter newsfeed in early July, I immediately felt a call to attend. As a matter of fact, I remember the ad catching my eye so much that I was (pretending) to jump up and down (I was still in my […]

What to Bring: Classroom Edition

The countdown is getting closer with each passing day – are you psyched for move-in? Here’s my final post in the 2014 What to Bring series. College is a ton of fun, but it also takes a lot of work. Here’s how to find success during the first few weeks: 1. Review where your classes […]