Two weeks ago, I went to Chicago with a couple of my friends. I have not been to Chicago before, so I did not know what to expect. I have visited cities like Los Angeles, Denver, New York, San Francisco, Boston and Minneapolis, so I was preparing myself for a “typical” American city. I was totally wrong. […]

The Must-Do’s of Fall Break

Fall Break – the first return home of the year for most students, smacked right in the beginning of the pumpkin-spiced season we all call fall. What does one do on this Fall Break? Here are a few must’s. Go apple/pumpkin picking.  This is clearly at the top of everyone’s to-do lists over break. Who […]

Relaxing Break in Ludington

I think it’s safe so say that Fall is in full-swing now with this cool weather and the leaves changing colors on trees! With Fall comes one huge perk besides apple cider and donuts: FALL BREAK! Every year it seems as though this break comes at the absolute perfect time—right when people need a few […]

The Fall Break Fridge Frenzy, featuring Fantastic Food

A few weeks ago while speaking with my mom on the phone, she asked me what type of cake I’d like to have for my 20th birthday (count it down, everyone– my birthday is in fourteen days!). I pondered it for a moment– Chocolate? Vanilla? Pumpkin Spice (it is Fall, right)? But I had only […]

A Longboard, a Backpack, And a 62 Mile Adventure

Now that I am back at school, everyone is asking, “What did you do on Fall Break?” I answer with the simple answer, “I longboarded 62 miles over break with a backpack and some Bros.”   And that I did. DAY 1: We started in the Beautiful town of Holland, Michigan. We left straight from Hope […]

The Obligatory Fall Break Post

Hello everyone! In case you didn’t know, Hope students didn’t have classes the last two days, giving us what we call fall break! I went home on Friday and returned this afternoon. This was my first weekend home, so I was super excited. Yet I had my fears, what if I didn’t want to come back […]

A Fun Fall Break!

Hello all 🙂 I was fortunate enough to go home to Iowa over fall break, which started last Friday and ended on Wednesday morning. My first activity at home was going to my sister Priscilla’s high school football game on Friday night. She had told me earlier that there is a superstar player on the […]

The Final Stretch Until Fall Break! (part 2)

Good morning to you all! Here’s my mid-week/almost end of the week update! It truly has been one of those hectic weeks you have in college. Papers are due, presentations are due, and there are a plethora of exams you need to take. But hey, Fall Break is TOMORROW, so I should just stop complaining, right? […]


I absolutely love fall, it is by far the best season! This past weekend I was able to enjoy some wonderful fall weather with my family during break. Here is basically the break down of my wonderFALL break Friday: I drove to Wheaton and visited my friend from high school at Wheaton College. [Hope is […]