It’s Colder Up North Than It Is In Holland

ROAD TRIP: One (of many) adventures a college student will take part in throughout their years of schooling.

And, since we were searching for an adventure, that’s exactly what we did. My cousin, Jordan, her roommate, Rachel, and I made a trek up north on Friday afternoon to my family’s timeshare about an hour south of Traverse City. We spent Friday night eating Skittles and popcorn, watching movies, and talking about all of the typical girly things that college girls tend to discuss on Friday nights.

On Saturday, we beached. It was 48 degrees and cloudy, but that didn’t stop us! We put on our sweatshirts and wandered up and down the pier in Frankfort, MI. We snapped a ton of pictures from our adventures, and here are some of the best:

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While we were walking up the pier, I took my shoes off (who are you if you keep your shoes on at the beach?) and I walked around in my socks. As we were about to leave, a guy asked me, “Why aren’t you wearing shoes?”

I, for some reason, was really tickled by that… so, I took my picture with them (even they, to my knowledge, don’t know that I did.)

They wanted to know why I wasn't wearing shoes

Those tiny specks WAY down the pier? Yeah, those three are the guys who asked me why I wasn’t wearing shoes. It was quite the adventure.

Although the Hope campus and Holland area are SO much fun, it was nice to have a weekend getaway! What’s your favorite beach or vacation spot in Michigan? Tweet at me @hopesophie17 or comment below. Questions? Other comments? Please feel free to send me an email at Have a great week!

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