It’s Past 1 AM, and I’m Overwhelmed – But Not in a Bad Way

It’s past 1 AM and I have an unfinished Research Synthesis paper due tomorrow at 11 AM. I’m sipping on half of a cup of cold coffee and have a Patagonia sweatshirt tied around my neck like a cape. I’m sitting in the sunroom of my cottage, which can hardly be called a sunroom at […]

I Asked Myself Out On a Date, And I Said “Yes.”

There seems to be something romantic about being in a relationship in the winter. I added the word seems because I’m honestly not really sure, as I’ve never been a part of that experience. But to me, it seems as though it would be lovely. A couple of days ago I woke up to a […]

A Letter to My Past Self

Yesterday I was sitting on the carpet of my room, typing on my laptop, and a thought occurred to me. “Isn’t it weird how one day, at a particular time, your brain reminds you of something you haven’t thought about in over a year?” I looked up at my friend, who was standing nearby. “It […]

The Value of Seemingly Spare Change

Change is good, they say. And I agree. I opened the top drawer of my desk over lunch and found a Ziploc bag of dimes, quarters, and pennies (and probably some nickels) tucked back in the left-hand corner. I was trying to find a pencil, but all I found was change. I’m certain it was […]

7.5 things to focus on for the first half of ’15

I was so ready for the new year that I took my assignment notebook on December 31 and tore out all of the pages leading up to January 1. “New year, new schedule,” I told myself. Along with a new schedule, I created new truths for the upcoming year. Due to future circumstances that make […]

2,014 is more than a number

I’m not a mathematician, but I can tell you, a number holds so much value. When I think about the year 2014, I consider it to be so much more than a number. Looking back at the weeks and months in which I faced significant challenges, I can hear the echoes of my disappointment, anger, […]

How to be a Leader: Walk on the Water, Remain on the Rock

Being a Leadership minor has its perks, and one of them is the Keurig coffee maker in the Idea Lounge. I haven’t actually used it personally, but I’ve heard good things about it. And we can’t forget about the sweet whiteboard walls in VanZoeren 182, one of the few times in our lives in which it’s […]

What is a Final

This is a final. In order to procrastinate even further, I have taken a spontaneous study break to write you this lovely poem about finals week. Enjoy. I’m looking at the pile of books stacked against the wall A hundred shirts exploding from my upper dresser drawer Starbursts, chips, and coffee are my selected foods […]