Spring is in the air, birds are singing, the sun is shining, and there are scattered showers. Along with this beautiful weather there are so many exciting ways to “live it up” at Hope. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a graduating senior, you want to enjoy your college experience. Here at Hope, you will never be bored.

Spring Exclusives

To begin, Spring Fling! The obvious option. Coming soon on the last Friday of the academic year. There are always inflatables, live music, a mechanical bull and food! There are also free t-shirts — no one can turn down a free shirt! You will enjoy the weather with your fellow peers while snacking on good food and playing yard games.

Every year my friends and I make a bee-line for the spike ball nets. We play for a few hours rotating who is eating and who is playing. Even if it’s not sunny and overwhelmingly warm, we make the most of it. Spring Fling is an on-campus break from homework and the upcoming dread of finals week.

There is usually something to enjoy in the Pine Grove during the warm weather seasons. Bring your own hammock and sway in the breeze, bring a blanket and take a nap in the sun, or follow SAC on Instagram to keep up with Student Activities!

Staying Inside

If you aren’t the outdoorsy type, or if the weather is just not preferable, there is always something to do inside! Sometimes SAC offers crafts or DIY projects to get involved in.

My friends and I usually keep an eye out for any of SAC’s or the Gardening Club’s potting events. I have several pots that I have painted, or drawn, on over the years.

I also attend the holiday events. From listening to Christmas music and decorating cards to listening to sappy love songs and making bracelets, the holiday-themed events are always a blast.

What to Watch

There are performances throughout the semester that are open for students to enjoy. Theater performances created by students or professors, ballet recitals, improv nights, and more! I have attended a little bit of each. The Vanderprov group performs at least once a month. They never fail to bring laughs and relaxation to the students who attend. The performances usually guarantee a break from the stressors that school can bring.

There are dance companies that perform throughout the year. Usually, throughout the year, there are two student-choreographed dance concerts, the annual department dance concert, many dance companies and even dance clubs if you are interested!

Then, don’t forget about the theater program here at Hope! There is usually something happening in theater. Many performances get put on at Hope throughout the year, some are even written by students! You aren’t going to want to miss these beautiful performances.

Are You Bored Yet?

So as you can see, there is always something to do. Student life is always buzzing here at Hope. There is a strong focus on community and creating a “home away from home” for all students. Everyone is welcome to fend off boredom on campus.

Published by Emily Leegwater

Class of 2024 Hometown: Zeeland, MI Major: English; Creative Writing emphasis Minor: Studio Art

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