Spring Break Recap

Although the phrase “Spring Break” tends to imply warm weather, I must say I unfortunately avoided the opportunity to experience the warmth. With Iowa reaching into the mid-forties, I can’t complain that I got a taste of warmer weather than we’ve had around Holland lately… but I’m secretly a little bit jealous of all of […]

Gluten-Free Because it’s Good for Me.

A few weeks ago, I sat down in my dorm room with a friend who decided to pursue a gluten-free diet beginning this year. She asked if she could have something to eat, and I said, “Of course!” So, we dug around my GIANT food stash on the shelf below my bed. What I found […]

A Letter from the Airport

Dear Reader, I write to you (again!) from the Grand Rapids Airport, experiencing a flight delay… perhaps a home-bound college student’s worst dream. Although I’m anxious to be home, I’m also excited to be writing to you! To save time (and a rather confusing story of changing flights), I’ll cut to the chase: With the […]

Leadership From a New Perspective

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of leadership. I’ve always wondered how someone can pick up momentum so quickly with a concept and cause others to follow. And now, as I’m preparing to declare a Leadership minor, I’ve found I’m extremely attracted to acquiring the traits necessary to […]

Writing Workshop: Finding God’s Voice

Have you ever taken time to reflect back on your life and see how God brought you through some of the most difficult parts? Are you curious to see how the Holy Spirit is working through your life right now to shape you into the person God sees you to become? I sure am. When […]

Hope Habits at Home~ Differences Between Hope Life and Home Life

Now that I’ve been back at Hope for almost a week, I’m giggling about this draft I wrote a while ago. Throughout break, I made some pretty hilarious realizations regarding the differences between Hope life and home life. As the cliche says, old (and relatively new) habits die hard. Here’s a few of the struggles […]

New Year, New Me: Choosing my word of the year

I’ve never quite mastered the concept of a New Year’s resolution. For some reason, it’s never really appealed to me — maybe because it’s hard to keep up with, or because I feel bored after a while. My sophomore year of high school, my mom introduced me to a new way to start off the […]

Seven Ways My Christmas Ornaments Support My Decision to Attend Hope

Even my Christmas tree agrees: Hope is the perfect spot for me! Even though I’m 7 hours from home, when you find the right place for you, it becomes a home away from home. You may have heard the term “Home Sweet Hope,” and it couldn’t be more true. From the first time I stepped […]

Cloudy with a Chance of Snow: What to do when travel plans change

There are few things about traveling home that are “easy” being an out-of-state student. But is it worth it? Absolutely. Up until about 7 PM on Tuesday, my family was planning to make the 7-hour trip to Michigan to come and pick me up to being Christmas break. Then, with all the crazy weather happening […]