A Filling Weekend

Hello! I hope your Mondays are going well and aren’t as stressful as mine is (Three exams in one week?! Crazy talk. But it’s happening.) I can’t complain much though, because instead of locking myself in my room this weekend and studying like I should have, I went to a lot of events. On Friday […]

It’s All About Fall

It’s been two weeks since Fall Break has ended, but autumn has just begun – and on campus, many of us are psyched to bring back the UGGS, pumpkin spice lattes, beanies, and all of the leaf jumping and as many afternoon Starbucks runs that can fit into a college student’s schedule. I’ll admit it. […]

An Apple-Picking Adventure!

Hi all! Last weekend, I had the opportunity to reunite with some of my Assistant Director friends from Orientation (I talked about them here). On Friday night, I went to a bonfire hosted by two ADs, Jess and Alexis, who live off-campus. We roasted marshmallows while we listened to the iTunes Radio country station; Jess […]

FALLing into Fall

Hi everyone! Life has been crazy these past couple of weeks. Extra curricular activities and classes are taking over right now. My sleep hours are slowly dwindling, and I am drinking more and more coffee to stay awake. In the midst of all this, I am loving the fall season. Here are some of my […]