Calling. What Is It?

As a college student you have to answer this all too familiar question a lot: “What are you majoring in?” Which can be followed up by, “What are you planning to do with that degree?” As an undecided college student I fend off that “What are you majoring in?” question more often than I like. “I do […]

Grace So Great That We Can Say “Yes” From The Cage

We’re like birds in cages, flying about, so focused on not getting too close to the walls that we don’t even realize that the door out was left open. And it was not left open by accident. I had a chat with God tonight in the fifth pew from the front on the left-hand side […]

Live in Light, Walk in Love.

“If you trip, do not cause another person to fall.” I look back at the first day of my freshman year of high school – while walking up the stairs to my second class, Science Interactions, someone stepped on the back of my flip-flop. I fell up the stairs, dropped all of my books… and […]