Enrolled as an International Student: The Paris School of Business

Options, options, options. One of the most overwhelming parts of studying abroad is choosing where to go, let alone which program to participate in. Let me give you a little secret, though, that might make your decision easier: some study abroad programs let you directly enroll into a university within your city, giving you the opportunity to take classes with other students that share your interests, are around your age, and know the local culture. In these programs, the choice to direct enroll is occasionally optional, but either way, you should do it! Seriously.

I chose to go to Paris with IES’ Business Program because they provide the opportunity to directly enroll into the Paris School of Business. Taking classes in real, French classrooms with students from Paris and the world beyond has been one of my top three favorite parts of living in this city (right behind macarons and…oh, right, more macarons).

International Orientation at the Paris School of Business
International Orientation at the Paris School of Business

Don’t get me wrong, it’s intimidating. My first day of class at the PSB was a whirlwind of foreign languages, confusing hallways, and new-kid-anxiety. However, three weeks into classes, I finally feel like I have the hang of the system. Plus, a café au lait is only 60 cents at school, and if that’s not a reason to enroll into the Paris School of Business then I don’t know how else to convince you…

Again, studying at an international center through my chosen program has been great. I’ve gotten to meet people from all over the states, and making friends I’m confident I’ll take home with me. However, studying outside of the center and in a university local to the culture I’m living in has added unparalleled enrichment to my experience.

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