My Daily Italian Breakfast

I have attended my classes for about the entire semester, so I have fully adapted to the Italian breakfast lifestyle. Breakfast in Milan looks different than my typical breakfast in America. Every Monday and Wednesday, I have class at 9:00 am, and with the commute being so early, I typically don’t get a coffee or breakfast until after class; however, after class, I go to a cafe in-between my two classrooms called Crumb Cafe. This Cafe has wifi, so I can get work done while I eat breakfast. I do not order pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc., but I order a caffe Americano and a brioche (croissant). This is funny because in most of Italy, croissants are called cornetto, but in Milan, it is called a brioche. This breakfast, I have learned to love. Brioches are so good and can be filled with jam, chocolate, pistachio, and many other flavors. My personal favorite is apricot-flavored filling!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to my favorite cafe nearby. The people who work here are so kind and honestly have the absolute best brioches, sandwiches, coffee – you name it. Here I typically order a coffee and a chocolate Brioche. They value relationships, as they always greet me with a smile and are patient with me as I practice my Italian. As much as I miss a hardy breakfast, there is something special about starting the day with something sweet.

Published by Annabella Britt

Class of 2025 Business and Communication Major IES Abroad Milan - Fashion and Design Merchandising

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