Coffee Culture in Italy

Although very popular in the States, coffee is entirely different in Italy. Forget flavored lattes (unless you want a cup of milk), frappucinos, and iced coffees, and dive into Italian coffee’s simplicity.

Disclaimer: there are places in Milan where you can get an iced coffee (12oz coffee).

A typical morning coffee order would consist of a single shot of espresso, sometimes served with some cream in a small cup. A caffe can be consumed almost all hours as a pick-me-up to keep the day’s energy going. My institution professor once mentioned that she believes it’s typical for someone to drink four to five shots of espresso daily, which was crazy to me. Another specific coffee order would be a cappuccino. This espresso with heavy-frothed milk is only consumed during breakfast as it is deemed strange to finish it after! Those are the most popular coffee orders, but a few honorable mentions would be caffe macchiato, americano, and affogato (this is coffee with ice cream!). The coffee in Milan typically isn’t sweet, but you always have the option to add a few sugars.

After coming to Milan, I fell in love with just a simple caffe, which I would never think to order back home. The flavor of coffee here is very strong and something I often could not go a day without. My favorite place to get coffee in Milan is called Caffe Napoli. This cafe is inspired by authentic coffee from Naples and is the best coffee I have ever had in my entire life. I typically get a single espresso here, which is surprisingly sweet and served with a small glass of water. Here they also have a multitude of delicious cafes, all with different designs and flavors. If you are ever in Italy or can try Caffe Napoli, you will not regret it!

(Also, the specific Cafe Napoli I go to is off Cadorna Station in Milano. It is across from a delicious cannoli place called Ammu, so you can always stop and get a tasty snack with your coffee!)

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