My First Week in Milano

Pizza, shopping, and more pizza

After flying for nearly ten hours I found myself heading to my beautiful Residential Living center (it even has a pool) and settling in to my single studio room.The first night of my arrival the staff took us out to a pizza ristorante where I ordered my first authentic Italian pizza. AMAZING!

The next few days of orientation were full of information as well as new sites. The most astonishing one of all had to be the Duomo of Milan. The Cathedral sits right as you depart the Metra and words can not describe how beautiful this building is.

Even better right next to the Duomo you have shopping for days. The streets are lined with beautiful architecture as you walk down blocks after blocks of the best restaurants and shop.

After my trip to the Duomo my orientation week continued as I tried more pasta, pizza, and pastries;

navigated the metro to find my classes around the city;

found some vintage stores among the many designer stores; and spent time with friends trying to hunt down the best places to become a regular at (the local sushi place and morning commute cafe are currently taking first place).

If you have made it this far, thank you! This first week has been very go go go, but I am starting to truly fall in love with the hustle and bustle of the city. Stay tuned for more posts…possibly a field trip post coming real soon!

Ciao Ciao,

Annabella Britt

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Class of 2025 Business and Communication Major IES Abroad Milan - Fashion and Design Merchandising

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