Quote of the week: To trust God in the light is nothing. But to trust Him in the dark, that is faith. – Charles Spurgeon

Let’s be honest, we all have those days or weeks when there is not as much going on. But these are the times we can find joy in the little things. 

Monday was MLK day which meant a good number of us students did not have our internships. That being said, I did what any logical person living in Denver for a semester would do and found a park to go to. It is a small park in Golden, Colorado which is not too far from Denver and because it was cold, there was no one there. I found it very interesting that part of the water was fully frozen, and other parts were not at all. But it was sunny out which made it beautiful, and the way that the water did freeze in certain places was unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Something else is that people really take their holidays seriously, I saw a number of people packing their gear up to go skiing or snowboarding throughout the day. That is on my bucket list of things to do while I am out here, it just has not happened yet. 

That and snow is taken very seriously. Tuesday night we got around 10 inches of snowfall, and a lot of offices closed down because of it. But what people go overboard with is going to the store the night before. It happens in other states as well, but this was not a huge storm or anything, so it was a surprise to me how many people freaked out and bought groceries. Everyone has their own way of doing things though and that is just the way that people here deal with snow. But because I got that day off, it meant I had time to enjoy the snow and hang out with one of my housemates for a while before we had to Zoom into class. Brings back the memories of COVID times and all the classes we took on Zoom.

This weekend had some adventures, though. My house went close to downtown to a Goodwill store. It is always fun to see different stores, but I have never seen a Goodwill that big in my entire life. It just kept going, and even had a basement! With that being said, it did seem to be pretty populated and a place where a lot of people go which is good. I just went to be with people which was probably a good thing, because it was so overwhelming to be in there, but also really fun. 

Across the street from that was a small coffee shop that had vintage records and comic books as well as live music. It was an interesting store and definitely had some character to it, including a cat that sat by a sign that said, “Beware of the cat, I bite.” And it meant that.

We also went to a small boutique store called Fern and Skye which is probably one of the prettiest stores I have ever been to. It felt like stepping into a real-life Pinterest post. The store sells local artists’ work, ranging from artwork, to jewelry, to rocks with gems on it with air plants attached. I think I could spend hours there looking at all of the fun things that people have made in the local area.

Denver really is a place that is full of artwork. It is on the sides of some of the buildings which is nice to see as you are driving or walking around. I would assume they all have a reason, but this was one that was on the side of the Goodwill we went to. 

This week was pretty chill, but still full of many adventures and I can not wait to see what next week holds.

Thanks for reading, until next time,

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