It seems strange to miss Thanksgiving this year. I love the traditions of family and friends getting together to share a delicious meal and reflect on what makes them grateful. My family even takes a collective nap after the feast. That is a relaxing and necessary communal experience after the indulgences. Being in a foreign country means missing out on the festivities. But that does not mean there was a lack of reflection. So here is a list of what I am thankful for this year. 

  1. Friends. Both new and old. Being in a new country has forced me to meet so many amazing people and cultivate so many new friendships. Plus, being distanced from my normal friend groups has strengthened my appreciation for them as we FaceTime and text. I know I am going to be even more excited to see them in person upon my return.  
  2. Professors. IES has an amazing staff of professors that are so knowledgeable and have the coolest connections. They will talk about their work outside of the classroom and I am constantly in awe of all they have accomplished. Plus, as a senior, it is strange to not be around the professors I have known and loved through my previous 3 years. The IES professors have welcomed us with open arms
  3. Family. My family came to visit London over Thanksgiving week and we had the most amazing time. This time away from home has also made me realize how special it is to go to college relatively close to home. That would be just a mere 3 hours away. 
  4. Theatre. Not only is the accessibility of theatre in London that has allowed me to see at least 1 production a week, but the art as an outlet for creative expression. I recently sent in my auditions for Hope’s 2022 spring season and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be back on stage. 
  5. A good book. There is no better way to spend my time than in a warm coffee shop with a good book overlooking the gorgeous views of London. Truly living my dark-academia dreams. 

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Class of 2022 Theatre and English Double Major IES London, England

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