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On some Fridays my study abroad program does excursions, and I wanted to highlight some of the day excursions I’ve been on this semester. Because of COVID, my study abroad program wasn’t able to take us on trips across country borders, so all of our sightseeing has been in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


The Neckar River flows through the city of Heidelberg, and a historic bridge connects the sides of the river. The prominent sight in Heidelberg is the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle, which was built in the 13th century. The castle has since been destroyed by wars and fires, but it still boasts impressive architecture. The castle stands on a hill above the town, and we rode the Heidelberg funicular railway to get up to the castle.


My trip to Stuttgart was actually not part of my program, and it was a couple-hour train ride with a transfer to get there. In Stuttgart, we walked around the Plaza del Castillo in front of a historic government building and spent some time enjoying a local park. We visited the Landesmuseum Württemberg in the Altes Schloss (old castle). We also went into the Stuttgarter Markthalle, which is in an indoor market with all kinds of produce, cheese, meats, coffee, sweets, and other foods.

My favorite sight in Stuttgart was the public library, which has such a unique and beautiful architectural design.

Inside of the Stuttgart Public Library.
Inside of the Stuttgart Public Library.


The trip to Karlsruhe was part of my art history class. We went to the ZKM Center for Art and Media. The building was once a Nazi weapons factory but is now a museum for digital arts and a design school. We went on a improv/movement tour of the artwork. It was a really unique experience where we become part of the artwork and digital projections through moving in accordance with the art. With some former dance experience, I really enjoyed the tour.


In Maulbronn, we went on a tour of an old monastery (Kloster Maulbronn). The main part of the small village is within the old monastery walls. We then traveled about an hour away for a wine tasting at a local family-owned winery.

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