Covid Summer

Everyone prepares to go abroad differently. For me and COVID I have had many many MANY new fallback plans as COVID is ever evolving. As I mentioned in my last post, putting my heart into the adventure as of now is still hard for me. I have been holding off on cutting ties to classes and housing accommodations at Hope College in the event that things could still fall through. I have worked in close contact with my advisor Matt Farmer, the department chair, and the rest of the staff on back up plans but am feeling more and more confident as I see friends start to leave on their adventures. The newest hurdle was the color change the EU put on travel to Europe from the United States. Luckily this did not change anything more as I am fully vaccinated. I do not have to quarantine when I get there, I just need proof of vaccination status and a negative COVID test. Every step we accomplish gets me more and more excited to go abroad. Stay tuned for a unique relationship between the “Hope” schools!

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