Beginning my Barcelona Journey

¡Hola! Everyone, my name is Ari Cinque and I’m spending this semester in Barcelona, Spain. I am entering my junior year at Hope College studying Communication and Business. I have always had a passion for traveling and am so thankful for the opportunity to not only travel, but study in Spain for the semester.

As I am zipping up my suitcase in preparation for my departure abroad, one of my biggest worries is that it will be too heavy. I challenged myself to pack everything I would need into one suitcase – and it was a challenge.

Update post check-in: My singular suitcase clocked in at a tight 48 pounds.

There are so many emotions getting ready to leave for a semester abroad but the one consuming most of me is excitement. My family continuously has been asking me how I am feeling prior to my departure. They keep asking “What are you most excited about?” so many things come to mind. I am excited to connect with new people from different backgrounds, to try new foods, to learn about a new culture, and experience life abroad.

Soon I will be joining a group of other students participating in and IES Study Abroad program. I will be participating in the Liberal Arts and Business program in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Through this program, I will gain a well-rounded education through business, communication, arts, and history classes. I am looking forward to my International Marketing class to learn about the intricacies of a European approach.

Barcelona is a city with rich culture, history, and architecture. I have planned trips and tours within Barcelona as well as to surrounding cities. If you want to stay updated on what life in Barcelona is like, feel free to subscribe below!

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Class of 2023 Communication Major, Business Minor IES Barcelona, Spain

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