Laughing at the Loft

College is a huge moshpit of choices. Your mom isn’t here anymore to tell you when to eat and your school isn’t telling you what to wear.

Sometimes, these choices make for great life experiences, though they usually come with costs. If I watch Grey’s Anatomy all night (which sometimes seems to happen), I’ve lost valuable studying time for the next morning’s test. When I study all day without breaks, I have no social life and my friends begin to hate me. …Well… not really, but kind of.

Anyways, last weekend, I had a big choice. My best of all friends, Morgan, came to visit from my homeland, Sault Sainte Marie, on Saturday night. It’s a six-hour drive, so she stayed for two nights and three days ! 🙂 We had a lot of fun and went to movies, the mall, and a concert.

I had spent all of Thursday-Saturday night studying for every waking moment, trying to fit in all the work I needed to get done before Morgan arrived.

We went to see Blitzen Trapper, a band Morgan loves, at the Loft in Lansing, MI, about 1.25 hours from Hope’s campus on Sunday night. No big, I just had a huge Bio 280 exam on Monday morning that was supposed to knock my socks off. But, the choice was mine, and I chose to Loft it up with Morgan and Blitzen. We were front row, head banging (uh kind of), and enjoying the tunes! We even saw our highschool classmate, Alex, there!

I got four hours of sleep before the test (better than no sleep, I suppose) AND I even was running through some of the concepts while driving home ;). In the end, the decision didn’t end up being HORRIBLE, but maybe I’ll use better judgement next time.

It’s all about learning, right?

Holidays in Michigan


This past Monday I spent the fourth of July with some of my friends from Hope at my friend’s house in Kalamazoo. I also spent Memorial Day with the same people. We are starting to grow very close and really enjoy spending time together. On the fourth of July, I met up with some of my Hope friends who live in Michigan. We went out on my friend’s boat and enjoyed the nice weather. 

After boating and swimming, we enjoyed the typical American cookout. My friends and I devoured the watermelon in seconds! Afterwards we spent some more time in the lake and then warmed up in the hot tub. We watched the fireworks of Gull Lake from my friend’s dock. It was a beautiful evening, and I had such a great time with my friends. 

Tonight some of my Hope friends are coming up to Holland to spend the weekend with me. Of course, we will be going to the beach and walking around Holland. Last night I spent two hours long boarding with some friends from work at Tunnel Park. We even saw our professor riding his bike. Many people were out enjoying the park last night. I really have enjoyed all of Holland’s nice attractions during the summer. I am glad I decided to live here for the summer. My job has been a lot of fun, and I have met a lot of cool new people. If any of you get the opportunity to stay in Holland for a summer for either research, work, or school, I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the opportunity of living in Holland for the summer. It’s a fun place! 

Until next time,


Sarah and I on the Fourth of July!

Hope Grows

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying your summers! For all of you high school seniors, CONGRATULATIONS! 

I have been very busy in Holland so far this summer. My May term has ended, and I am now apart of HEI (Hope Entrepreneurship Initiative). This means there are eight Hope students who are working on their own ideas for the summer. We are working with Momentum and attending their events in Grand Rapids each week. We work on our ideas as a group and individually and meet up with other people working on start-ups at Momentum events. We attend a workshop weekly and also a dinner. This already has been a great opportunity and I am learning a lot. I will further explain my idea a different time, but I am hoping for the organization to be called Hope Grows. I have a logo below that I have been working on. 

I am very impressed with the opportunities I have already been exposed to through Hope’s entrepreneurship program. We meet as a group weekly and have lunches with people from around the area, and they share with us all sorts of advice and stories. This summer is already off to a great start.

When I have not been working, I have taken several trips to the beach. I ride my bike there and love to run along the water. These past couple of days have been very hot. It’s a nice change from the cold winter months, so I cannot complain. 

Have a great week!

Tulip Time!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. I am still in Holland because I am taking a May term. Quite a few students stick around Holland during the summer. May terms are a great way to earn credits in a short time period. I am taking an Entrepreneurship class, which so far has been great.

My first week has been very exciting because Tulip Time occurred in Holland. I never experienced anything quite like Tulip Time. There were parades, Dutch dancers with people dressed in Dutch costume with wooden shoes, fair vendors who sold yummy fair food, tulips all over the place, fireworks, fair rides, and much more. Holland’s streets were packed with people coming from all over to enjoy Tulip Time. It is something very unique and kind of hard to describe.

Despite the cold winter, the tulips all around town look beautiful. I love running and looking at all the different types of tulips lined up along the streets.

Thankfully Holland’s weather cooperated for Tulip Time. It was in the 80s for most of the week. I was worried that summer never would come in Holland, but it definitely was plenty hot for me.

Well, I recommend that everyone experience Tulip Time at some point. The rest of my family already has planned to attend it next May. I hope you all have wonderful weeks!


Beautiful Tulips!

Springing into Springtime

Things I like about Spring in Holland:

  • Tulips and flowers are budding
  • I sleep with the window open
  • Frozen/iced coffee drinks from JP’s, Lemonjello’s, and Starbucks 
  • Visiting the beach 
  • Laying in the pinegrove looking at stars
  • Everyone is in high spirits because the cold weather is gone
  • Pulling my bike out of the storage room
  • Snow? What is that?
  • All winter jackets and boots are stored away in my closet
  • Going to get ice cream from Captain Sundae or walking to ColdStone
  • Classes are starting to wind down
  • Wearing shorts, skirts, and flip-flops
  • Spring cleaning (our room needs to be dusted)

These are just some of the things I could think of off the top of my head. School is going very well. My classes are starting to wind down and papers are starting to come. However, I enjoy working on my papers outside and spending time with people in the Pine Grove. Last night several students slept out in the Pine Grove for a homeless sleep-out to raise awareness for homelessness. The event was put on by Habitat for Humanity, and several students participated in the event.

I have been enjoying the nice weather and sunshine. However, I need to do some major work this weekend so I can finish up the school year strong. I hope you all have wonderful weekend!

Spring Package from my mom!

Sand, Sun and Fun!

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday, Holland had a high of 80; the nicest day in 2011. The Pine Grove was filled with people playing music, reading a book, kicking a soccer ball, swinging on a hammock, long boarding, napping, and just hanging out with friends. Students broke out their warm weather clothes and shoved their jackets and sweaters in the back of their closets. I personally loved pulling out my flip-flops; they have missed me.

I typically spend Sundays working on homework, but this amazing weather needed to be recognized. Instead of working on homework, I played in the pine grove, long boarded, visited the beach, and ate at Qdoba.

The beach was absolutely beautiful. The water felt very chilly, but the sun felt so nice. Little kids were flying kites and making sand castles; they were so cute. I wanted to join them, but I swung on the swing set instead.

After our visit to the beach, we drove around Holland in my friend’s Mercedes convertible. It was so much fun sitting on the back of the car and enjoying the warm weather. We blasted the music as loud as we could and enjoyed riding around in Holland.

Needless to say, I did not complete any homework yesterday, but I worked at JP’s all day so I made up for my work from yesterday. It is important to enjoy college, but schoolwork also needs to be completed (at least that is what my parents tell me).

I hope you all have wonderful weeks!

Until next time,


Drive Around Holland!