Pre-Dance Marathon Froyo #FTK

Dance Marathon is coming up this Friday. Last year, I participated as dancer for the full 24 hours. This year, I will be a “moraler” for an eight hour shift on Friday night. Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt shop downtown Holland, has been running a competition this year to see who can earn the most […]

Dancing: 24 Hour Style

Dance Marathon was last weekend, and I still haven’t caught up on my sleep. For those of you who don’t know, Dance Marathon is an event put on by Hope that raises money for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Participants sign up for the full 24-hour shift or 8-hour shifts, and we all gather in […]

The Best Weekend Yet

Wow. What a weekend…This last weekend was Dance Marathon. This is an extraordinary event where all the money that is raised goes towards the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. This money is raised through fundraisers, but also through donations brought in through the participants of Dance Marathon. On top of the participants raising money, they stand on the feet for […]

Do it For the Kids!

Happy Friday, Hope College! I hope this week went by fast for you and the next few do for you too, it’s almost Spring Break!! As you all probably know, there’s only a week until Dance Marathon! I truly can’t wait for the freshmen class to experience this awesome event for the first time. I […]

“Mafia in the Woods” anyone?

This weekend, I went on a fantastic retreat with this group of people. These guys and gals are what makes up the Dream Team for Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is event put on by Hope College that raises money for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The actual Marathon is a 24 hour event where people stay on […]

5K For The Kids

Happy Tuesday night, folks! I just want to post about my weekend. It really was mundane, I did a bunch of homework, cleaned my room, did some errands and just relaxed. Sometimes, I wish that there was more time in the weekend. We could all use some more time, right? Anyways, the highlight of my […]

What to do on the weekends?

Hello Everyone! Here is a basic run down of my weekend filled with a variety of activities. Friday: I started off my Friday afternoon with long run and then played tennis in the DeWitt Tennis center for two hours. After, I showered and went to Starbucks to finish off some homework that was due at […]