Why Drinking a Slushie in 7 Degree Weather Was Good For My Ego

I was drinking a slushie today in the parking lot of Holland State Park.

I know that sounds kind of weird, but it’s actually an experience I take part in on a semi-regular basis. It was a 20 oz ICEE, to be exact, and it was one sale for only $1 from the Meijer convenient store. But this is not a post about promoting the consumption of slushies.

Today I encountered a concept that is likely one I experience often, but never understood in this capacity until this particular day.

Drinking the slushie was really cold. And it was really cold outside. The radio said it feels like 7 degrees in Holland, and my car agreed. And the more I stood outside – doing something I wanted – and drank the slushie – also doing something I wanted – the colder I became. And I started getting frustrated.

It wasn’t real frustration, but it was a “grrr” feeling that started in my heart, because the exciting adventure I thought I’d encounter at the beach ended up being me enduring a freezing Holland winter day. My teeth started chattering. My face became numb.

And that’s when it hit me.

I created an expectation of an “awesome” experience that I thought would occur when I did everything I wanted.

But I soon realized that external factors caused what I want to not be enough to provide comfort. In that moment, there was no fulfillment. There was no joy. There was just me, getting colder by the second as I stood outside in the winter wind.

It’s pride every time, isn’t it? I’m so quick to assume that everything that I want will be enough for me. Then, when it isn’t, I’m reluctant to change my path. I could have climbed back into my car in an instant. Instead, I walked further down the pier.

I kept pushing myself, saying, “things will get better. Things will change.” And they didn’t.

Nothing changed until I realized and accepted that I had shown up underprepared. I couldn’t do this on my own with the resources I had.

Instead of walking further down the pier, I turned around and walked back to my car.

It wasn’t giving up. It was choosing humility. Because in that moment, I realized that pride produces anguish and humility produces endurance. And I needed the heater in my car to make me feel warm again.

Frozen Waves
“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” – Proverbs 11:2

We’re so quick to keep pushing forward on our own. So quick to “prove ourselves” and continue until we get stuck, feeling guilty in the end. But it’s not worth it. Many times, we have to back off and realize that pride is the culprit of being able to find true success. Next time, I’ll think before I act. And maybe bring an extra pair of mittens.

When we walk into situations fully prepared, it’s amazing how quickly pride diminishes.

And that’s why drinking a slushie in 7 degree weather was good for my ego.

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It’s Past 1 AM, and I’m Overwhelmed – But Not in a Bad Way

It’s past 1 AM and I have an unfinished Research Synthesis paper due tomorrow at 11 AM. I’m sipping on half of a cup of cold coffee and have a Patagonia sweatshirt tied around my neck like a cape.

I’m sitting in the sunroom of my cottage, which can hardly be called a sunroom at 1 AM, because the only light shining in the window is that of a streetlight on 13th Street.

But all of that information is pretty much irrelevant to what I have to say next.

I can’t stop thinking about it. The concept of grace has been overwhelming me lately. I remember sitting by the lake in late April or early May of last year, not understanding what the dictionary definition of “unmerited favor” looks like as it plays out in real life. It was a concept I didn’t consciously understand, but I was living in it every day.

I understand now.

Grace looks like the lake. Grace looks like the sand. And it looks like every snowflake, every blade of grass, as many stars there are in the sky. We could never count its presence. There’s too much of it everywhere. We just live by it every day.

Grace feels like forgiving for forever, not just for today. It feels like anticipating the weird numb pain that comes from hitting your funny bone on the arm of a chair, but the pain never comes. We become too good at expecting to feel something – pain, anger, bitterness, suffering – but with grace, these emotions never come. Because grace enters every space with the capacity not to conceal it, but instead to heal it.

And that’s what’s crazy to me.

You know that kid in your group project who won’t do anything? Give him grace. Not because he “might be dealing with something drastically difficult in his life,” but instead because we’re given grace that we don’t deserve by a God who is more than willing and more than able. Grace doesn’t have a reason, it has a cause – and that cause is to heal brokenness in a way that our human minds cannot fathom.

Remember that ex-relationship you had in 10th grade? Give it grace. Break-ups are never easy. But, if you’re a college student, it’s probably over – way over – and there’s someone out there who’s waiting for you to fall in love with them. Maybe it’s a person, and maybe it’s Jesus (you have to decide that one).

Here’s the real deal. I’ve probably said this before, but even if I have, I’ll say it again: Grace is given, not earned. There is nothing we do and nothing that we don’t do that diminishes the grace that has been bestowed upon us. That’s why I’m so overwhelmed. Because every time I get mad at the way things turn out or if I become indifferent when things turn out for the best, God sees me in that. When I stop and say, “I’m sorry,” He sees me through that.

All about that Grace
My church at home knows what’s up 😉

I want to promise you something. Nothing that you have done or haven’t done changes the amount of grace available to you. It finds you exactly where you’re at. You don’t have to “get your act together” or “change your ways” prior to walking into its fullness. All you need is honesty in the places where you messed up and a willingness to let it go.

There is immeasurably more available than we could ever consume. That’s the beauty of it to me – all we have to do is be honest and say we messed up in return for a healing that changes us from the inside out.

Even with this Patagonia tied around my neck, I’m reminding myself I can’t be my own superhero. I can’t save myself from falling into the depths of being angry and bitter. That’s the power of grace. It comes from God’s love, which surpasses all understanding. We don’t have to understand it to live in it. And that’s a pretty awesome thing to think about.

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I Asked Myself Out On a Date, And I Said “Yes.”

There seems to be something romantic about being in a relationship in the winter.

I added the word seems because I’m honestly not really sure, as I’ve never been a part of that experience. But to me, it seems as though it would be lovely.

A couple of days ago I woke up to a world of white and I doodled pictures in my sketchbook of a bunch of random adventures I would take if I was in a relationship (saying that aloud feels a little bit embarrassing.)

I’d go to the beach and take pictures of the frozen waves. I’d drink late-night coffee and walk around downtown Holland to look at the ice sculptures. I’d flip open my Bible to a book that I can’t even pronounce and read a couple passages to try to interpret the message. Then I’d sing along (poorly) with my car radio, park somewhere, and stroll down the beach to watch the sunset fall sweetly beneath the waves.

Then, I realized this includes only the things that I want to do.

…And I already do all of that stuff by myself. My perspective took a 360 degree turnaround.

For me, it wasn’t about having a boy around – it was about the “fun” factor of having someone else ask me to do the stuff I already want to do. For all that I know, my (future) boyfriend might sing well when I turn on the radio. Or he doesn’t like coffee. Or he doesn’t like strolling through the sand and would much rather like walking on the sidewalk. (I at least hope he likes coffee.)

It hit me: it doesn’t take another person for me to do the things I already love to do – I can just do them.

After realizing this, I now take an extra moment to invite myself to go be awesome. To psych up about the fact that I love so many things. I say, “Hey Soph, want to go drink coffee? Want to go study on the second floor of the library?” And each time, I say, “yes.”

Campus at Night
Sometimes you can look back at your own footsteps and realize that you’ve been there for yourself all along– it doesn’t always take two to be successful.

Relationships are about sacrifice, and one day, when I find the right person, I’ll have it figured out. I’ll skip the coffee and go to an ice cream shop for the afternoon if that’s what he wants to do. I’ll walk down a path instead of blazing my own trail. But for now, while I’m single, I’m taking the opportunity to have fun and do the things that I love with the person I know best: me.

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Destination: Cameroon

Alright alright alright. Here’s that anticipated post about the Peace Corps! People requested me to talk about my journey throughout the Peace Corps application process, so here it is! Many of my friends have only seen pictures, so here’s the real story. I hope you enjoy it all!

Since my sophomore year of college, the Peace Corps was always a thought, an idea. But I really never pursued it then and just put in the back of my head. The application process was tedious and exhausting, so why even try if a limited amount of people get accepted, right? So, sophomore year went by, and so did junior year.

But senior year. Wow. It’s time to start thinking about what I want to do in life. Graduate school? Take a leap year, or two and work? PEACE CORPS. What perfect timing it was because the Peace Corps recruiter for the west side of Michigan was the Hope’s “Gap Year Fair.” Naturally, I went to learn more and bombard my recruiter with questions. I wanted to make sure she knew that I am REALLY interested in it. But people ask, why Peace Corps? What would you do? Seeing as I’m a nursing major, all I want to do is care for those who may not have means to care for themselves. And I can do that though the Peace Corps while learning about new cultures.

Anyway, after that Gap Year Fair, I went back to my dorm and filled that application out. Here’s the great news about it, the Peace Corps made the application simpler and quicker, so it would take under 1 hour! But because it was me who was filling out the application, I took my sweet time to make sure everything was perfect. After 2.5 hours of reviewing and making sure everything was perfect, I hit that submit button.

Then I waited.

And waited.


Until I received an email that would determine my journey with the Peace Corps. The wait is finally over! I took the next step forward and was being considered for a placement in Cameroon!

At this point, I didn’t know what position I was being reviewed for, but all that matters is that I am being considered. I AM BEING CONSIDERED! Finally, I have a destination, and it’s to CAMEROON! This is exciting because they speak French, and I speak French. They have a rich culture, and just the thought of being a part of that makes me want to pack my bags and fly there! I’m glad I made it to this point, but there are still many steps ahead. As great as this news was, I had to do more as part of the application process. Then once this was complete, they would review that to choose candidates to interview. A very intimidating sentence in that email states, “Please note that only competitive candidates will be interviewed.” Yeah, that made me uneasy, but let the waiting begin.

The email that started an amazing journey!
The email that started an amazing journey!

So I waited.

And waited.


Another email came only a few days later saying I was chosen to be interviewed. I had heart palpitations, I wanted to vomit, I screamed. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS A BIG DEAL! I am a competitive applicant, that gives me so much ease! Now, I’m onto the next stepping stone in my journey. First, I was being considered, then I was selected to interview. Who wouldn’t be excited!? I scheduled my interview, and that was yesterday! It was 1.5 hours long, but I killed it! Well, at least I think I did. Where am I headed next? This is the biggest step in the journey, it determines if I’m going to serve or not. Weirdly enough, I am very confident and look forward to this email. The latest I will know is March 15, two months from today.

I did it, again!
I did it, again!

But don’t worry, folks. I will keep you updated. To my friends and family, I cannot thank you enough for your love and support. I am so happy to have the support going through this long process! Stay tuned for more news about the Peace Corps by following me on Twitter at @HopeMarvin15 and Instagram at @MarvSolberg!

Back To School, Snowpocalypse, Africa Oh My!

Well, the first week of the spring semester is finished. To top it off, it finished on a great note because we have a SNOWDAY TODAY! For those of you who don’t remember, the weather was like this exactly one year ago. It was so bad that people coined the term, “Snowpocalypse 2014.” I definitely think it’s safe to say that it can be carried over to this year. But in comparison to last year, my gut tells me that its worse this time around. In less than 24 hours, Holland accumulated 1 foot of snow, and more is expected. The wind gusts are so strong that it shifts the snow making it very deep in some places. This snowday is for a good reason,

The text message that brought the best news of the week.
The text message that brought one of the best news of this week.

Despite all of this cold weather, the winter and Mother Nature make Hope look very pretty, making this week back to school that much better. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the winter except that I can go skiing. Other than that, snow is only pretty from the inside. My plan for today’s snowday is to stay in my sweats, eat food, watch Netflix, and stay in bed. Oh, and maybe do some of that thing called homework.

Okay, enough about the weather. Classes are going swell. I just can’t believe this is my last undergraduate semester, so everyday counts. Before I know it, May 3rd will be around the corner. It feels great to be back and go on a routine. Seeing all of my friends is also a plus! Back to the weather one more time, even though today’s snowday is a highlight, I have better new for you. In October, I applied to the Peace Corps in hopes to serve our country abroad in the health field. This past week, I have been notified that I am being considered to serve in Cameroon for the Child and Maternal Health Volunteer Program. To top it off, I RECEIVED AN INVITATION FOR AN INTERVIEW NEXT WEEK! To be considered for a program and to have an interview is such an honor in itself. I am looking forward to my joinery with the Peace Corps. I will keep you all updated!

Well, that’s it for now my fellow readers! Enjoy these two beautiful pictures of Hope I took this week, and make sure to follow me on Twitter at @HopeMarvin15 and follow me on Instagram at Marvsolberg to get a feel for what life is like at Hope! Stay warm!

Urinetown: The Musical

If you’re searching for a place to spend your night, Urinetown is the place to go. Actually, I lied. According to the residents of Public Amenity 9, Urinetown is the place you don’t want to go.

But the musical itself is one you won’t want to miss.

Filled with hilarious satire, musical numbers, and, who could forget – a love story – you’ll be falling out of your seat in laughter, and then thrown back into your seat with the heart-wrenching tale of people on a mission to pee for free.

After the musical

Urinetown will be showing November 18-20 at 7:30pm, November 21 at 8:00pm, and November 22 at 2pm & 7:30pm in the DeWitt Theater on the Hope College campus. Admission is $10 for adults, $7 for senior citizens and Hope faculty and staff, and $5 for students. Tickets can be purchased by stopping at the Anderson-Werkman Ticket office, in person before the show, by calling (616) 395-7890, or online at hope.edu/tickets.

There. With so many options, you don’t have an excuse to not be able to go.

(Students: your res hall RDs might have some free tickets hanging around too, so be sure to ask about those.)

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One College Fits All

We’ve all heard of the phrase, “one size fits all.” Especially for you high school seniors, let’s take that phrase to the next level, “one college fits all.” I was there with you, I wanted to go to a college where it had everything for me: perfect class size, outstanding academics, vibrant social atmosphere, opportunities to grow, intentional relationships, and so much more. After visiting many many colleges, from big public universities to small liberal arts colleges, I landed on Hope College.

I’ve had family members come to Hope, so that is the true reason why I applied. I always had the thought in my head that Hope was the last place I’d go because I wanted to do something different with my life, I didn’t want to follow any certain “footsteps.” Look at me know, I am a senior and loving life at the school that was my last choice. Do I regret anything? Absolutely NOT.

In working for admissions, it is not my goal to advertise Hope College to you, but to rather share my experiences with you to show you how I live my life and how I grew as a person here at Hope College. Any other school, including Hope will answer all of your questions and tell you what you want to hear, but let’s be real, “college shopping” is beyond that. You have to look at both sides of the story, not just the pretty side.

Let’s dive in to see how I’ve grown as an individual here at Hope for the past 4 years. Yikes, that seems like a long time ago!

  • Faith. I was always a believer. I knew God was always there. My only problem was being intentional and growing in my faith. What is faith if it’s not challenged, right? The great thing about Hope was that no certain religion was constantly being shoved down your throat. To be honest, that was one of my biggest fears coming to any Christian school. If religion was shoved down my throat, I would simply walk away. But the very fact that practicing your faith by choice was just splendid. It showed me that it should be up to me, not the church to pursue my faith. To see that other students also did it by choice made me want to pursue my own. No pressure at all. I am forever thankful for this because now, all of my academics and relationships are faith based. I would have NEVER gotten that a big school.
  • Academics. Challenges are great, everyone wants a good challenge. Hope provided me with challenges, especially in the academics. I’m not going to lie to you, or sugar coat anything. School is hard, and Hope’s caliber regarding academia has a high standard. But knowing this, there is so much support available for students if they are struggling with any class. I definitely took this as an advantage. Freshman and sophomore years, I had tutors in various classes to help me succeed. They worked around my schedule and tailored the tutoring session to me and my learning styles. Without my tutors, I would not be where I am today. Do yourself a favor, if you end up at Hope, don’t be ashamed to get academic support. Hope wants to see you succeed, so take that as an advantage!
  • Social. The last facet of my “big 3” (faith, academics, and social) aspects on life was dramatically changed. I was that kid in high school that said, “when we go to college, let’s keep in touch!” Yeah, that rarely happened. What I found was that I only kept in communication with a few friends. That really showed me that people change, and my relationships were not deeply rooted. My relationships at Hope College on the other hand are OUT OF THIS WORLD. When people say your college friends are your lifelong friends, believe it. All of my relationships here at Hope are ones I cherish. They are all centered on faith, and my connections are just so deep that it would take so much to break those apart. All of my best friends (with an exception for a few from home!) were synthesized at Hope College. And for that, I am forever grateful.

If that’s not telling you enough, I don’t know what else is. Colleges are supposed to change your life. Hope didn’t change my life though, it transformed it. Because of this institution, I would not be the person I am today.

Here is a cliché Hope College picture for you all.
Here is a cliché Hope College picture for you all.

It’s a Little Late, But…

It’s Thursday, and today marked freedom from higher education. In “normal” terms, it’s officially spring break for Hope College! #SB2K14! It’s quite an exciting time because all students deserve a nice long break, whether that is down south, or home, a break is a break. The weather may not be spring-like, but at least there is break! Alright, anyways, my break will consist of the following:

  • Sleeping
  • Hygiene
  • Eating
  • Homework
  • Work
  • Eating
  • Sleeping

Then you repeat that more for an extended period of time. Who knows, maybe I’ll throw in something spontaneous! Anyways, as many people will be relaxing and enjoying the sun and beach, I’ll be getting some serious work done. My motivation for so much work? The rest of my semester would be a smooth ride with little stress. Who doesn’t want a semester with little stress? So, that’s my prelude to spring break.

Here is more about what I did this past weekend and week!

WEEKEND: Dance Marathon was on Friday. I wasn’t there, but I was definitely supporting my friends who were there! Friday night was nice because I had time to myself, something that rarely happens. I truly enjoyed it. Then on Saturday, one of my best friends Joey and I went to Ann Arbor to watch the University of Michigan Wolverines play the Indiana Hoosiers in Michigan’s last regular season basketball game. Road trips are a blast, especially with awesome friends. This made the drive to Ann Arbor fun and fast. When Joey and I arrived, we ate at Noodles and Company, one of our favorite food joints. Then we walked to the Crisler Arena for the game. Want to know something cool? Joey and I tweeted a picture about the game, and it got on the jumbotron! I was SO excited. Here’s a picture of it!

Here we are on the jumbotron. What an honor it was!
Here we are on the jumbotron. What an honor it was!

That was just such a cool experience. The game had so much energy, and it was very close. But in the end, Michigan won! Go Blue! But again, don’t worry, I am an avid Michigan fan, but I am so glad that I go to Hope! My experiences here make me who I am today. If I went to Michigan, who knows where I would be in life! But Michigan is DEFINITELY my #1 option for grad school.

Go Blue!
Go Blue!

We drove back that night following the game, but before doing so, we hit up another great place to eat; Chipotle. Honestly, I do not understand why Holland does not have a Chipotle. Can we please get a petitioned signed to get one established? Sunday was a sleep-in, catch day on homework. Oh oh oh! And my favorite TV show, Revenge, returned. It was such a great day. To make things even better, my co-leader, Jess, from the immersion trip we lead to Washington D.C. last year visited Holland for the weekend. Obviously, she graduated last year, and now interns for Sojourners in Washington D.C. So cool! What a treat it was to be with her. Although it was super short, it was great to see her and catch up with her for a little bit!

Reunited with Jess! (and Erica and Joey of course)
Reunited with Jess! (and Erica and Joey of course).

To sum up my weekend, it was awesome, A+. Now this past week has been HECTIC. I felt as if everyday lasted one week. Both Monday and Tuesday, I had clinicals and was at Grand Rapids for them. I worked Tuesday night, then I had a large assignment due Thursday. All I did Tuesday and Wednesday night was homework, and by homework, I mean this assignment. Having so much work before any break is annoying, but it feels so good to have it done. It makes the smooth transition to Spring Break much easier!

Anyways, thats all on this post. I am in the works of posting another blog that I think you will all like. Stay tuned!!!

Christmas Break (Part 2)

Here’s another post for you all, so you can stay updated on my life! As of this Saturday, December 28th, I have been on break for 16 days. And as of today, there are 9 days left of break. Holy cow this break has been flying by. Anyways, since my Christmas Break (Part 1) blog post, I’ve added on more activities, simply so I don’t get bored while being home! I’ve continued to snow blow my driveway simply because Mother Nature demands it. Here, look at how much snow Up North Michigan has gotten. Crazy.

I just can't fathom the amount of snow on the ground.
I just can’t fathom the amount of snow on the ground.

I’ve also continued running and working out – but the ginormous amounts of food I consume just negate it, but at least I’m staying neutral, right!? And one more thing I continue to do is cleaning up around the house. My parents have been satisfied, so I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for that!

One of my best friends, Bailey, just came back from Ireland after spending an entire semester there! We went to this burger joint in Traverse City, MI called Bubba’s. Their burgers are to die for, and are reasonably priced, which helps a poor college student! Anyways, it was so great to listen to her experiences and catch up with her. Following our lunch, we went to her house to play Just Dance 4 on the Wii. Let me tell you, Just Dance is so much fun. I recommend it to anyone who likes to have fun!

I also visited one of my best high school friends, Eva. We always have a tradition in which we decorate Christmas cookies, and go shopping for Christmas presents for friends and family. It’s always a blast spending time with her. Here is a picture of us and our decorated cookies. We’re experts.

Eva and me with our cookies!
Eva and me with our cookies!

One of my childhood best friends finally came home a week ago, so I’ve been hanging out with him for a good amount of time. Mitch and I went last minute Christmas shopping for friends and family, and it was a great time. My other childhood best friend, Brett, also came home from the USAFA (United States Air Force Academy). Hearing all about his experiences was just so interesting. It was good to have these two guys back home. My childhood best friends, along with their brothers, watched Anchorman II: The Legend Continues. If you have watched the first one, and haven’t seen this one, I strongly recommend it. Will Ferrell never ceases to disappoint! This is a Christmas Break Must-Do!

Then, Christmas came along. I really enjoyed being with family and having a white Christmas! Some of my friends did not have a white Christmas, so I am really thankful! I didn’t get much for Christmas because I have everything I need! I just asked my parents to help pay for my trip to Vienna this summer 🙂

The day after Christmas, I went up to Boyne Mountain with some family friends for an annual skiing adventure! It was just amazing to say the least. I enjoy being outside in the beautiful winter weather downhill skiing. We also went ice skating at Boyne, which was a blast. I needed a refresher on skiing because it’s been two years, but it really didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it again! Below is a slideshow of my favorite pictures from Boyne!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, I met up with my BFFLAE (best friend for life and eternity) just last night! Don’t worry, we established BFFLAE in our pubescent years, and it just stuck! I haven’t seen her since August so it was SO GREAT to see her! Maddie goes to Michigan Tech, which is in Houghton, Michigan (AKA The Upper Peninsula). Again, we had so much catching up. It’s just so much fun to listen to her experiences at school!

Here I am with Maddie!
Here I am with Maddie!

So, in this edition of my Christmas Break post, I was just a tee bit busier catching up with my best friends as they came home from college. I hope to hang out with them before I return to school, because I won’t see them for a while! Thanks for reading, friends! There will be more to come later!!


Everyone’s Favorite Day!

Despite many exams, assignments, and projects being due on Friday, everyone still loves Friday. I can guarantee it is everyone’s favorite day (in the weekday of course!) If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back. You made it through this week. I know for some, it was just such a draining week. I know it was for me. This week, I didn’t have any big exams, but I had so much busy work. Talk about redundant. Anyway, with all of that said, I’m glad I made it to Friday. Maybe I’ll play “Friday” by Rebecca Black…

Anyways, I’m so glad this week is over. All of my assignments are done, I took care of myself, and I didn’t get sick! I feel like everyone is coming down with something. I ran twice this week, which also made me feel great despite my heavy load of work!


On Tuesday, I ran 7 miles, because I could. It was such a nice day for a run because it was beautiful, warm, and sunny. I also beat a PR of mine, which was even more encouraging. I know this sounds CRAZY but the following day, I ran 3.22 miles with a friend.

3.22 Miles!
3.22 Miles!

So all in all, I ran a little more than 10 miles this week! And on top of that, I wake up early to workout in the mornings. Seriously though, I recommend just getting active and moving around. You’ll feel great, be more energized, and less stressed! Speaking of which, if you haven’t read my blog on stress, you should! CLICK HERE! Anyways, today is a very special day for three reasons. 1) IT’S NOVEMBER! 2) IT’S CHELSEA’S 22nd BIRTHDAY and 3) IT’S NATE’S BIRTHDAY! Ok, so I am a little biased, they’re some of my amazing friends, but today is going to be all about them! You might know Chelsea because she is a fellow blogger! CLICK HERE to go to her blog page! It’s got great content, I definitely recommend it! Anyways, I can’t wait until my classes are done because we are going to spend some time together celebrating.

It's Chelsea and me!
It’s Chelsea and me!
Nate and me, and this sums up our friendship!
Nate and me, and this sums up our friendship!

I’m so thankful it’s Friday. If you want to read more about other Hope College students, make sure you check out the Life in Orange and Blue Blog Page. There are some great posts and college advice and life. Time for me to get ready so I can tackle the day. If you get a chance today, make sure you just stop, breathe, and think for a moment. Be thankful for life, family, and friends. Count your blessings, and give thanks for the little things! That really get’s me motivated! If you haven’t done so already read some of my other blogs! Follow me on TWITTER! Feel free to ask questions about anything. I’m here to help! Also, spread the word about this post! Have a great Friday!