The smartphone

A gift to man-kind

A computer, phone, and camera

All in one!

But for the love of God






Nothing is worse

Than watching fireworks through the screen

Of the person blocking your view

And you

Yeah, you with the incessant


To document every second for your feed

The fireworks aren’t going to look nearly as cool

As they do

In real life.


Nothing is worse

Than watching people walk from

Painting to painting

Taking pictures

Of pictures

Without stopping to actually


At the art.

I can understand saving a portrait for 

your wallpaper

Your records

To research later

But Van Gogh doesn’t look nearly as gorgeous

As it does

In real life.


Nothing is worse

Than missing the sunset

Because you were too busy

Trying to get the best photo

For your story

When the colors dancing

Across your pupils

Cannot be duplicated

In real life


Write a poem

Send a post card

Do a sketch

Take a breath

Take it in

Don’t take that photo.

Published by Kathryn Joachim

Class of 2020 IES Abroad London, United Kingdom Theatre, Creative Writing

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