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One of the coolest parts of living in an entertainment hub like London is that there are many movie premieres and exhibitions surrounding new projects throughout the city. I have seen celebrities on the streets and at film festivals. I have waited in droves of people to potentially see stars at the Dune premier. And last week, my cinema class took a trip to an exhibition of The French Dispatch. Yes, it seems like I have had a Timothée Chalamet filled time.

However, this exhibition was none like I have ever seen. Wes Anderson has a very specific aesthetic and it really shined in this pop-up museum. The bright colors and neon signs were perfect photo-ops.

We were able to see the costumes, props, and some set pieces used for the film. Plus the dioramas of the full sets and notes about each item were so detailed that they gave a clear inside-view of the production room. And even though I have yet to see the movie, it was still incredible to see all the little details you might miss while watching. At the end of it all, there was a café just like in the film to order pastries and coffee.

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