Interning Abroad

Before leaving for Berlin I was made aware that my program offered internships during our time abroad. Like everything else, I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity. I imagined how much of a truly invaluable experience it would be, so I began the process. While filling out the questionnaire I was torn between being honest and having no idea what I want to do, or doing what I thought I should do, a corporate internship. I decided the former and was placed at Rainmaking Loft Berlin; which is exactly where I needed to be without knowing it.

Photo credit: The Rainmaking Loft

Rainmaking Loft Berlin is a co-working and events space for tech startups with locations also in London and Denmark. They offer working space, facilities, events, and a sense of community. The members of the loft work closely together in open spaces and come from all over the world to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. One can walk in and hear countless languages and innovative ideas which is pretty amazing.

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photo credit: The Rainmaking Loft

My internship lasted for six weeks and consisted of a plethora of task. I went in everyday for about 4 hours, sometimes more depending on if there are any events going on. I have been able to see behind the scenes of how you run a business, have been given my own project, have met so many amazing people with great ideas and have learned more about myself in the process. It’s great to be in such a driven setting that is also so much fun at the same time.

My project was a members wall of current and past members.
The finished product!

Although I have had a variety of jobs from working in a restaurant to being a study abroad peer advisor in the US, I had not yet completed an internship. It was really nice to be able to see aspects of how a business works internally. I was able to attend weekly staff meetings and hear about each position, have lunch everyday with my team and others, as well as learn and speak to many successful people. That was one was my favorite parts; the people. I loved being around intelligent and driven entrepreneurs at the Loft. Everyone was so open and willing to share about their company and vision, and give me advice for my future endeavors.

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We have some loftees that are great chefs. This was lunch one day!

CIEE did a great job of matching my personality with a company and I believe the same for my classmates. I am so thankful I was able to do an internship while in Berlin. I learned so much in such a short time from working in an international setting. I know as I enter the working world, the skills and values that I’ve learned at the Loft will be a great asset. Companies are valuing international competency more and more as the world becomes increasingly interconnected . Although I’m sad my time has come to an end at the Loft, I’m looking forward to what is yet to come and thankful for my time.

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