For those of you who are studying abroad soon, I’m sure you’re trying to plan how you are going to pack everything you’ll need into a suitcase and a back pack. There are hundreds of lists online about what you should or should not bring, and believe me, I read a good chunk of them before I left for London. Here is a list of a few items I found to be really helpful.

  1. A portable keyboard. Right now I’m typing this blog on a train, and on my phone. If you are planning on traveling often, you should also plan on doing your homework on your way to your destination. By having a foldable keyboard you don’t need to lug around your whole computer on your trip, but you can still type with the same accuracy and speed that you would if you were typing in the comforts of your room. 
  2. A portable charger. It is worth it to splurge on one that has the ability to charge multiple types of devices. This way you can charge your phone, your friend’s phone, and your portable keyboard!
  3. A pair of waterproof shoes that don’t look like rain boots. I have worn my rain boots every single time I’ve gone on a trip. It rains a lot in the UK, and Paris had a surprise rain storm when I visited. If you have waterproof shoes with lots of support that look good with whatever you like to wear, you can go anywhere with one pair of shoes. 
  4. A small backpack. My Kavu is like a second arm. It goes where I go, and it is also my souvenir. Everywhere I’ve travelled, I have gotten a patch for my bag. Not only does my bag look really really cool, but sewing the patches on my bag gives me something to do when I am on my way back to London. 
  5. A winter coat. I must admit, I do not have this item in my arsenal of travel supplies. But I wish I had brought one! A two-jacket system does work just fine, but having to lug around a warm layer and a waterproof layer can get annoying very quickly. It may be a hassle to fit into your suitcase, but you will not regret the warmth when it’s 30 degrees and raining all day in Scotland!

I hope that these five suggestions help all you folks who are planning on traveling while abroad!

Published by Kathryn Joachim

Class of 2020 IES Abroad London, United Kingdom Theatre, Creative Writing

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