Are You Alive?

Hello Hope College y Queridos Lectores,

Yes, I am alive. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to pretty much all of you, especially those close who have been awaiting updates from me. Undoubtedly, it has been a tumultuous and invigorating last 5 weeks since my arrival in late February. I arrived with doubts, fear, and much regret because I was leaving behind those who I truly loved. Luckily I was able to see some of my family and friends before I left but many of my goodbyes were rushed and left with many loose and some fallen ends. I would state that before I arrived to Chile, I told myself that I would never be hit by the pangs of FOMO, but as the week of my flight had arrived, I had already began regretting studying abroad. I say all this not to scare those who are planning on going, but this should be all the reason more why to. Reason being is that it made me uncomfortable, extremely uncomfortable.

Personally, not because I was away from home in a culture unfamiliar to me, but that I was emotionally uncomfortable in that I had to recreate or find a community in another country. Detaching myself from my family and friends was something that I needed to do to truly take advantage of the first few weeks of my program. But the first few weeks were wondrous. I have definitely grown fond of my host family and the city. Luckily I had two weeks free of classes to explore and get accustomed to Santiago and was able to visit Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. The video below showcases a little bit of that experience and my beginning workings of my documentary in progress. Right now I am without a camera as my phone was recently stolen, but that is a story for another post! Please stay tuned, I will catch you up to speed!

Aberdeen’s Holiday Parade

Chestnuts roastin’ on an open fire… reindeer riding on Segways?

Yeah, that’s what I saw at Aberdeen’s Christmas Parade. Don’t believe me? Well, just take a look at the video below. I captured the whole thing on my phone and wanted to upload it so that I could spread some holiday cheer, but first, here’s a little context.

Every year Aberdeen has a huge winter festival celebrating the holiday season, and it begins with the city’s Christmas Parade. Tons of Aberdonians line Union Street in anticipation of watching the city’s Christmas lights officially switch on and begin the festivities. This lighting occurs during a spectacular parade complete with bagpipes, big butterfly wings, and, yes, men dressed as reindeer riding Segways. I attended the parade with fellow Hope student Kate, and we had an absolute blast. Take a look at the parade below!

(Also, sorry that the video qualities lower than my last two vlogs. I shot this on my phone, and it was dark out.)


Livin’ Large in London (Again!)

Hi, guys! During the Halloweekend, some friends of mine and I were able to travel to my favorite city in the world: London! You might remember from one of my earlier posts that I already traveled to this city before moving into Aberdeen. I absolutely loved it then, so when my new friends expressed interest in visiting, I jumped at the chance to go again. This time around I was able to ride the London Eye, revisit Shakespeare’s Globe (my favorite spot in the city), see Les Mis on the West End, explore the Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickins Museums, and also visit Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross. I swear, I will never grow tired of adventuring in London. If you get the chance to visit, do it. Here’s a video documenting my time there the second time around. Enjoy!

Pretending to be wizards in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Hi, everybody!

A while ago my friends Jordan and Kate (another Hope student) and I decided to take a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh. The trip was so much fun, and we got to do a lot of cool stuff, like see museums, get gorgeous views of the Edinburgh Castle, and, of course, visit almost every J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter site we could find. I took videos along the way and combined them into one vlog. Here’s a little taste of what our adventure was like!