First Field Trip Weekend

Culinary Experience in Bologna

My first weekend in Milano began by visiting the FICA center (the worlds largest food park) to take a pizza-making class.

As I entered FICA I was greeted by animals working the front gates.
and more live animals

Once entering FICA I soon learned why it was the worlds largest food park as there was attractions that looked like food, everywhere!!

After walking around FICA our group landed at a restaurant where we made mini pizzas with homemade dough. They were absolutely delicious!

After eating the pizza’s and walking around FICA some more, we traveled to the neighboring city of Bologna for a tour and free time.

The streets were full of life and color
Depicted is a statue of Poseidon and a Fruit Stand

Parmesan Production

The following day after Bologna we headed to the Parmesan Factory where we watched as they made and held Parmesan to age.

We even got to sample different ages of cheese.

Balsamic Factory

After sampling different Parmesan’s we went to a Balsamic Factory where we sampled different ages of Balsamic and had a four course meal.

All of the meals had Balsamic!

Ferrari Museum

Full from all the Balsamic food we finished our trip at the Ferrari Museum. Here we saw many different models of Ferraris and we learned how to quickly perform a pit stop.

And that concludes my first weekend of field trips abroad. See you guys next time…


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