An insight into the Health Studies Program!

Missing two students but the participants of the IES Health Program on our first day!
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So what is the health studies program? 

As I’ve mentioned many times, I studied abroad with IES, specifically participating in their health studies program. I knew that if I got the chance to study abroad, then it would be somewhere in South America. I also wanted to go on a program that felt unique and special to me. I had heard about the health studies program since my freshman year, so I decided to research it once it came time for me to apply to an off campus program. 

Since I was on the PreMed track at Hope, I realized that this program was perfect for me. It checked many things off of the list that I had created to decide on a location to travel to for a semester. This program was in a country in South America, it allowed me to learn a different culture/dialect than what I know about Ecuadorian culture, and the most intriguing part – it offered clinical observations. 

If you are someone interested in public health or in a pre-health profession, then this program should be on your radar. Every week, I was able to partake in a clinical observation. Clinical observations can be compared to job shadowing different doctors, units, and hospitals/clinics. As part of the program, you take two classes in Spanish which go hand-in-hand to help you learn about the Chilean health system and support your learning so that you are prepared for clinical observations. I was able to learn about the Chilean health system but also be immersed in it, which allowed me to fulfill my goal of obtaining a global perspective in terms of public health. 

The knowledge that I have been able to obtain from the courses and clinical observations allowed for me to get job shadowing experience, have a professional experience in a medical setting, an insight into disparities within healthcare systems, and medical Spanish that will be helpful now and in the future!

Published by Marilyn Orellana

Class of 2023 Spanish Major, Pre-Med, and Chemistry Minor IES Health Studies Program

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