Scottish Exam Week(s)

The semester is finally drawing to a close, and I don’t know what’s worse: having to leave Scotland or having to take exams. The truth is, my exam week isn’t necessarily harder than my finals week at Hope. It’s just different. First off, Aberdeen’s exam schedule starts with a review week. During this week, students […]

Aberdeen’s Holiday Parade

Chestnuts roastin’ on an open fire… reindeer riding on Segways? Yeah, that’s what I saw at Aberdeen’s Christmas Parade. Don’t believe me? Well, just take a look at the video below. I captured the whole thing on my phone and wanted to upload it so that I could spread some holiday cheer, but first, here’s […]

Visiting Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets!

During my last weekend in Scotland, my four study abroad besties and I made another trip to Edinburgh. This time, however, the city was decked out in holiday decorations, complete with Christmas markets, light shows, ice skating, and tons and tons of rides. I vlogged the whole thing, too! Check it out!  

Livin’ Large in London (Again!)

Hi, guys! During the Halloweekend, some friends of mine and I were able to travel to my favorite city in the world: London! You might remember from one of my earlier posts that I already traveled to this city before moving into Aberdeen. I absolutely loved it then, so when my new friends expressed interest […]

Pretending to be wizards in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Hi, everybody! A while ago my friends Jordan and Kate (another Hope student) and I decided to take a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh. The trip was so much fun, and we got to do a lot of cool stuff, like see museums, get gorgeous views of the Edinburgh Castle, and, of course, visit almost every […]

Exploring New Slains Castle

My friends and I had the opportunity to take a trip to New Slains Castle, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula. It was nestled against the sea in the quaint Scottish town of Cruden Bay. We had an absolute blast climbing rocky cliffs and exploring the castle ruins, but instead of writing a long […]

My First Ceilidh!

Firstly, it’s pronounced “kay-lee.” Yes, I had no clue how to say it when I first saw it as well. However, once you get over how weirdly it’s spelled, you’ll realize that ceidlidhs are the best! So what is a ceilidh? Think square dancing, but replace cowboy boots with kilts and country music with Scottish […]

Freshers Week Thoughts

After traveling around London, Stratford, and Chatsworth, I’ve officially made it to Scotland! My family helped me move into my single room (with a private bathroom!) on a cloudy day in Aberdeen, and from the minute I walked into my dorm, I could tell orientation week (or “Freshers Week”) was going to be a lot […]

Scottish Studies

Wait… this isn’t vacation? My junior year officially took off on September 12, but I don’t feel like a third-year student at all. Spending a semester abroad means that I have to get used to a whole new accent, a whole new country, and, of course, a whole new way of schooling. I’ve found after […]