Sarah Anderson ’20 – College Year in Athens

My name is Sarah Anderson and I am a junior here at Hope.

I hail from right here in Holland, and I am thrilled to be studying with College Year in Athens for their spring semester program. For a Classics major like me, Greece has some of the ultimate opportunities to learn about the ancient world while at the same time experiencing a modern culture.

I’m passionate about learning languages, reading and writing. I love the outdoors, and doing outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and riding my bicycle. I am an avid shrimp eater, a Bigfoot enthusiast, and World Record holder for the amount of tabs open on Google Chrome at 24 tabs.

On campus, I’m a proud member of the Mellon Scholars Program, which inspired me to blog! I’m also a member of Hope’s Kappa Delta Chi sorority, and our community has allowed me to participate in events like Dance Marathon and Relay for Life.

This is my first overseas travel, so please look out for my blog posts!