Quinn Bouwkamp ’20 – The Philadelphia Center

Hi, my name is Quinn Bouwkamp and I’m a business major here at Hope College! I’ve grown up in Holland, MI (a true local expert!) and enjoyed it enough to stick around an extra few years to study business. I’m also very interested in art and design, and hope this plays a role in whatever career I go into.

I love to camp near the beaches, hike up north, read memoirs, drink coffee in the mornings, and restore vintage things. I’m an INFJ and an Enneagram Type 3, meaning I’m all-in about everything I do and love engaging with people, but also appreciate time alone to unwind and reflect. 

This semester I will be traveling to Philadelphia, PA to explore and experience life in the city. I am excited to try new things and attempt to fit in with the locals (my only claim to fame!). Feel free to visit my blog page to keep up with all that’s happening. 

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