“So which is better?”

I’ve gotten this question quite a bit in the past few weeks as I wrap up my semester in Philadelphia. Many have wondered: do you like Philadelphia, PA or Holland, MI better? It’s a trick question because I’ve quickly realized I don’t have an answer. The city is incredible with too much to do. If […]

The “Copy Me Weekend”

Some weekends just go above-and-beyond all expectations, and this past weekend was one of them. I think what made it so noteworthy was that every part of it just shouted Philadelphia, due to a strong sense of Philly-ness about it. So I give to you the “Copy Me Weekend,” a weekend that you, too, can […]

Still a Student: Sightseeing on a Budget

As an off-campus study traveler, you’re charged with the daunting task of exploring as much as you can within just four months, while maintaining that student budget. Rent, utilities, food, and transportation can add up quickly. But there is hope! Using some college-student resourcefulness and a bit more planning, you can still experience your destination […]

10 Things to Know if Embarking on the Philly Semester.

A Packing Must: Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and willingness to learn about the world. This is the number one thing that will determine what this semester looks like as you look to soak up every experience. I’ve been challenged and stretched in ways that are indescribable. Be the “Yes” girl or guy. See every challenge as […]

From the Outside Looking in

I’ve been thinking a lot, recently, as to what it means to have a true experience of a city that speaks for the many different parts. Much of my time here has revolved around getting to know the downtown area, and I’ve started to become curious as to what life is like outside of the […]

Rooting for the Home Team – Lions win!

A month or so ago, very soon after my arrival in Philly, I had a few TPC colleagues talking of how cool it would be to go to an Eagles game while here. This seemed, at the time, like a pretty rare opportunity with how big the Eagles are, and now I know – it […]

A Weekend for the (History) Books

There is no better way to explore the city than to attend Campus Philly’s annual CollegeFest! It is a super cool event where college students are given free admission to visit over thirteen museums, all over the city. A friend of mine from the Center, Binny, and I hit about four different museums – the Rodin […]

Week Two & A Lot is New

When I thought there weren’t enough changes happening already, it turns out that week two is when real life really kicks in. It’s the week when you’re already out on your own – navigating the streets of Philly, signing a lease, moving into a new apartment, attending a new church, exploring different parks, trying different […]

Catching Feelings for Philly

And just like that – the official move has happened! Traveling for my first day to Philadelphia, PA, was an absolute whirlwind. It looked a lot like a 4am alarm, a rush to the airport, a hard goodbye, a flight full of anticipation, and a long walk down the sidewalk rolling two overpacked suitcases down […]