Molly Douma ’22 – SIT Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello, all! I am a sophomore Global Studies major headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with SIT! I will be studying transnationalism and comparative development in South America, leaving our base country of Argentina to head to Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil for short periods of time. 

When I’m on Hope’s campus, however, I am a Student Congress representative, and editor for The Anchor newspaper. I also adore the outdoors — on my ideal day you’d find me around a campfire in the mountains or hiking around some forest somewhere — both something I’m hoping I’ll get to do this coming semester.

Before I came to Hope, I grew up in the tiny town of Crawfordsville, IN. I’m pretty sure living in a small Midwest location for so long is what instilled within me the need to travel internationally, since day one. I desire to embrace my role in the global community formed by those who push boundaries and cross borders. I am absolutely pumped to experience the life of an Argentinian for a few months, and can’t wait to share the experience!