Kelly Fuhs ’20 – SIT Jordan, Nepal and Chile

Hello! My name is Kelly Fuhs and I am from Aurora, IL. I am currently a senior majoring in Spanish and International Studies with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. I love to watercolor paint, play my guitar, and spend time with my friends. This past year I participated in the Emmaus scholars program, which is a live-in community that focuses on social justice issues through the eyes of Jesus. I am also a member of Dorian!

Last May I studied abroad in Mexico and conducted an oral history project with professor Andre. There, we interviewed indigenous women who work in the marketplaces, learning about their experiences as both artists and entrepreneurs. 

Through taking a variety of political science, Spanish, religion, and communication classes, I have developed a deep passion for human rights and for marginalized populations, especially indigenous people and refugees. 

My study abroad program this fall is a multi-site human rights program that begins in New York for two weeks, and then proceeds to Chile, Nepal, and Jordan. During this program, we will learn about the inner workings of NGO’s, engage with leaders from local grassroots movements who empower marginalized populations, work with refugees, and visit indigenous communities.

I am so excited to share with you how this trip challenges me, shapes me, and opens my eyes to new perspectives! 

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