Kailianne Riggott ’23 – Chicago Semester


My name is Kailianne, but you can call me Kaili! I am a senior majoring in Nursing at Hope. During college, I have gotten to be a part of so many amazing things, like the Summer Bridge Program, Phelps Scholars Program, Nykerk, Prism, Dance Marathon, FACES, Hope Student Nurses Association, Nursing Christian Fellowship, and Hope’s Orientation. As you can probably already tell, I love trying new things!

I am originally from Washington state but have moved around with my family to California, Illinois, and, most recently, Kentucky. While Chicago isn’t fully unfamiliar to me, I am so ready to jump into its rich culture and explore places I have never been before! Chicago Semester is one of the amazing opportunities Nursing majors can take advantage of. I will be completing my art class by reflecting on museum trips, concerts, and more. I will also be a nurse intern at a hospital in the heart of downtown!

Going from small-town Holland to big-city Chicago will be a huge change, and I am excited to take you all on that journey with me!

– Kaili

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