Adjusting to City Life

Hi again! Welcome to week two of Chicago adventures with me! This week was not as crazy as the previous one, but I feel I got to know people much better, which was definitely a highlight. 

To kick off the week, I had my first official class for both my nursing course and art class. My professors are amazing, and I can’t wait to really jump into learning! For nursing, we are beginning our review journey as we all head toward our impending graduation this May, after which we will take our board exam, the NCLEX, to become registered nurses. Totally not intimidating or anything, right?! But anyway, we had to take a practice comprehensive exam to see where we stood, and I am happy to report that I didn’t outright fail! Was it pretty? No. Am I happy it’s over? Definitely!

The other exciting piece of nursing news I have for you all is that I began my internship at Northwestern and absolutely adore my preceptor and the floor I am on! I wish I could share everything with you, but that would be a likely HIPAA violation. So, for now, all I’ll say is I am already learning and growing, which feels great!

After nursing came art! As a class, we went to see The ripple, the wave that carried me home at the Goodman Theater. The play was written by Christina Anderson and centers on a family facing social justice issues from the 1960s to the 1990s. This play was beautiful, and I could honestly write forever about its many intricate pieces and amazing actors!

Outside of classes, my internship, and events, I spent time with friends and family trying new things! First, I explored the city and got more familiar with public transportation. This week was specifically buses! My friend Emily and I attempted to go to a Thai food restaurant (Silver Spoon). Ironically, while we successfully made it to said restaurant, we still somehow managed to enter the wrong place. Being too nervous and not confrontational, we ended up just eating at the really nice sushi restaurant we stumbled into (Friends Sushi). However, the story does have a happy ending because we tried again a few days later and successfully ate at the Thai food restaurant! After, Emily got to try boba for the first time and was blown away! Big thanks to Vin Tea for the fantastic boba treat!

Finally, I got to see my two beautiful sisters, Haley and Mandy, and Haley’s boyfriend Kyle. My sister Mandy lives in Crystal Lake, which is about an hour outside the city. I stayed there relaxing before we all made our way over to do some bowling. I, unfortunately, lost fairly badly, but at the very least, Kyle was worse, haha! We ended the night by going to dinner at Buona Beef which is probably one of the nicest fast-food chain restaurants I have ever been to. 

I’m having a really great time in Chicago! I will admit, though, that I do miss the friends I left back in Holland, but I guess that’s the best part about choosing here over another place – I can go back really whenever! Anyway, I will catch you all next week!

Favorite coffee of the week: Big Shoulder’s Coffee

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