Jimmy Cerone ’20 — Oregon Extension

Hi my name is Jimmy and I am at heart a scientist. I am going to the Oregon Extension to study myself, others, the world, and my place in it. Many of my posts will probably sound like hypotheses and models and I’m excited for the potential to test out my “models” of life in a new place. The fact that I have to go to a new place (I’ve spent most of my life in the same great town in Indiana) is hard for me but I feel it’s the best way to reflect on my core assumptions.
A big excitement for me is that, being an electrical engineering major, I will be able to spend more time studying life and reading good books than building gadgets (though I will doubtless still do that). I am most nervous about letting go of the technology that entertains, intrigues, and sparks the innovation in me – namely my coveted laptop and phone with all my flashy productivity apps. I look forward to sharing the journey with you and hopefully giving you some things to think about along the way.

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