The American Girl in Spain

Hey everybody! And of course, Happy Homecoming, Hope!!

Over the past couple weeks, I have noticed that I’m starting to see Granada as my new home. Maybe it’s because I found my new favorite drink for breakfast hahaha (see picture)??

ColaCao- The spanish version of chocolate milk :)
ColaCao- The spanish version of chocolate milk 🙂

Or that I found a solid group of girl friends, who encourage me to be more adventurous? When I visited Barcelona, I was sad to leave Granada just for the weekend. I thought if I’m feeling like this now, how about when I have to leave in December? That’s when I realized I am growing attached to this city. I have a pretty good idea of where things are and thus, I rarely have to ask for directions when I need to go somewhere…Yayayy! However, it’s more than just the small things that have been adding to my experience.
For one, I am taking a class at the Universidad de Granada about how to teach spanish :). So far, this has helped make my semester abroad more of an immersion.The class is full of native speakers, but there are a few girls who have been very welcoming.They always invite me to sit by them, clarify things if I don’t understand and are genuinely interested in hearing about life in the States! It’s been fun for me because for the first time ever, I am the popular girl! Also, I have started to dress up on a daily basis like other young Spanish women. There is not one woman on the street wearing athletic attire, which has been a cultural shock for me because I love my gym shoes! Even if I do put together an outfit, I still feel like I don’t quite fit in because my clothes are from American brands. So, I bought a skirt and bracelet from the street market, La Rambla in Barcelona.

Modeling my new skirt ;)
Modeling my new skirt 😉

I must talk about the Spanish brand Mango a lot because Fabi came home the other day with a catalog from the store for me… It was super sweet. We also bonded over my American magazine with Shakira on the cover and discussed how she is married to FC Barcelona player, Gerald Piqué and how she sings that song about “calderas”. Hahaha.
My host family continues to play a major part in my cultural immersion by teaching me what it’s like to live in a Spanish household. Unlike when I live with my parents, I feel more obligated to spend a certain amount of time at home and responsible for keeping my room clean (Carmen lectured me on the first day before I unpacked about this!).
Just yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to get my nails done. She asked me where and how much it cost. After I told her, she INSISTED that her daughter knew a better place and for me to bring her my cell phone so she could call and cancel my appointment. Lol the joke of the day became that I was “a baby” and couldn’t call myself! She is also very obsessed with my hair because she calls me “pelo lindo” or “pretty hair” everyday… the compliment is always welcome 🙂

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