*Note: This post was written on December 10th

I just realized that less than a month from today I will be moving into my apartment in Chicago. On one hand, it feels like this opportunity has been a long time coming, but on the other hand it feels like it has come way too fast. I am a very organized person, and have already begun making a list of all of the necessary things that I need to bring with me. This in itself is going to be rather challenging for me, as I absolutely love clothes. Like, I have three closets full of clothes and now have to downsize to a small, shared closet space. Overall though, I am feeling both happy excited and nervous excited to start this new journey.

My sister Morgan
My sister Morgan

I think that the biggest thing I am struggling with at this point is leaving my friends and family. I am very close to my sister Morgan who is 16, and I have never been apart from her for long (many people mistake us as twins, I’m not certain how I feel about that). Additionally, I am leaving my cat Minnie behind at home, and this is also something that is really hard for me.  I will not have a car while in Chicago, nor any sort of space I can really call my own since I will have a roommate, and this is something that also worries me in a sense. On a more positive note… I am excited to be living in the Gold Coast with one of my Sigma sisters, Libby. It’s going to be super helpful to have someone I know go with me into this new chapter of life, and I look forward to becoming closer to her. 

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