Spanish word of the day: Esperar.

Translation: To wait for.

Spring semester has begun for everyone, and I’m here waiting. My program does not start until March, so I have a few months of planning beforehand. To some extent, this experience seems distant, almost like I will never make it to Argentina. It feels that at any second, they will cancel the program because of a new variant that will pop up.

There’s part of me that wishes I could jump right into it; not think about any of the nerves, and just hop on a plane. I’ll get to fly solo for the first time, change continents, meet new people, try a variety of foods, experience a culture different than my own, and practice my Spanish. It will be amazing to go do something for myself and by myself for once. But that doesn’t make it any less difficult. I feel that I’m leaving behind my home; those I care about most. But the more thought and preparation I put into my travel plans, the more excited I become and the more I realize just how much I need this experience.

If you ever doubt whether or not you want to study abroad, think about what experiences you’d like to have in your lifetime. Is traveling one of them? Consider this a challenge! Take the opportunity while you have the chance. Even though it may be difficult at times, I know that it will help me grow in insurmountable ways. I cannot wait, and you shouldn’t either.

Published by Maggie Gillich

Class of 2023 Psychology and Spanish Double Major IES Buenos Aires, Argentina

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