íshellan var mjög köld

After settling down, eating, and fully absorbing that we truly were spending the night in Iceland, there was a big decision to be made. Is it most sensible to stay put and rest up in preparation of the next day of travel? Is life telling us to seize the day and explore, even though we’re not exactly sure which direction traffic goes? An oddly shaped building topped with an alluring glass dome sat on the top of a hill near our hotel. An adventure awaited.

Perlan - Wonders of Iceland
Perlan – Wonders of Iceland

Stumbling up the rocky paths of the hill, that had been a World War 2 airport overlook, lead us to the number one attraction in Reykjavik, Perlan – Wonders of Iceland. This breathtaking exhibition/planetarium taught me more about Iceland in such a hands-on and exciting way than I could ever have experienced elsewhere. Not only was it fun and engaging, but it was educational and motivational. It left me wanting to discover more, and aim toward leaving a positive impact on the world.

A display of trash littered in water that says "What can we do now?"
A display of trash littered in water that says “What can we do now?”

Perlan has SO. MUCH. TO. OFFER. From a Northern lights planetarium show, a 360 degree observation deck, volcano, plate tectonic, earthquake and geothermal exhibitions, a real ice cave and more! Hours were spent exploring through the 5 story building. I learned about Iceland from a historical lens as well as a geological one, from above ground all the way below it. Perlan takes “discovery center” to a whole new level.

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