Hakone Field Trip

A few months ago, my fellow dormmates/classmates/exchange students and I went on a field trip with our Japanese language professors to Hakone, a famous location for foreigners and Japanese people alike.

Hakone is famous for its hot springs, lake, shrine, and special black hard boiled eggs (naturally boiled in the hot springs, giving it its color and strong sulfur smell). It’s often a place where people can relax and get away from the business of the city.

Unfortunately, because Hakone is so far from Tokyo, a large majority of our day was spent on some sort of transportation, so we weren’t able to cover a lot of ground once we got there. Also, on the specific day we went to Hakone, the mountain had some dangerous volcanic activity, so it wasn’t safe to spend a lot of time once we reached the top. Despite all that, though, it was still a great day being out in nature and exploring with so many people!

This video is a bit late because editing took longer than expected (so much footage to file through!), but please enjoy!! 🙂

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