15 Things Japan Has That America Should, Too

  1. Sickness masks. Keep the germs contained!
  2. Escalator etiquette. One half stands to the side, the other half is a passing lane. I’ve never felt more satisfied.
  3. I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post, but: THE TOILETS. So cool.
  4. Packaging. Like, nice packaging. Japan would scoff at America’s put-it-in-a-bag-with-some-tissue-paper-on-top mentality.
  5. Yuzu. They’re a type of fruit with a flavor similar to a lemon but sweeter. So refreshing!
  6. Recycling and trash sorting. The system is so strict, but so effective.
  7. Cute signs. They give you more motivation to look at the warnings or instructions written on them!
  8. Shinkansen, a.k.a. bullet trains—for those long trips you want to take when you don’t have a car.
  9. Kuromitsu, otherwise known as “black sugar syrup.” It has a slightly roasted taste with some subtle sweetness, and is the perfect type of topping for any dessert.
  10. The slightly lifted platform inside of fitting rooms. This is so nice; you take your shoes off and leave them on the lower level. That way, the clothes that you’re trying on don’t get as dirty!
  11. Pocari Sweat: a water drink mixed with a little bit of salt in order to help retain liquid. SO helpful in the summer when everyone sweats a ton!
  12. Services for blind people. For example, sidewalks have grooves in the middle so that people can “see” where they are going in the busy, crowded streets. Also, at crosswalks, when the light turns green for pedestrians, a chirping sound plays until it’s not safe to cross the street anymore. Genius.
  13. Bringing a handkerchief everywhere–wonderful for wiping off the sweat that builds up during the hot summer day!
  14. Women-only cars–certain cars on the trains to help women feel safer on their way to work during rush hour.
  15. Subtitles on TV programs. I don’t mean for the hearing impaired. I mean a special type of text used to make the screen more colorful and add extra energy to variety shows.
    It’s just so fun! And it helps you learn the language better.What are your thoughts? Are there any others I didn’t mention? Let me know what you think!

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