First Day

Hi guys!  I have just arrived In Dublin.  I took a taxi from the airport, meeting two lovely ladies in the IES program along the way.  The taxi driver was pretty funny, stringing American lyrics to go along with the occasional yank declaration.  Somehow, someway, we made our way to the Binary Hub, which will be my home for the next 3, 4, …….. Actually 101 days, to be exact.

The first night we had a tea social, only in Dublin, where I got to meet many other people in the IES abroad program, as well as the coordinators and student assistants.  I also instantly connected with my roommates and fellow study abroaders in my building.  The first night, we went into the heart of Dublin, which was the first time that I experienced a culture with a drinking age below 21.  We had fun, talking and connecting while sipping Guinness and occasionally eating hearty food (I personally loved the Irish Stew).  The next morning, we had our first day of orientation.  I will admit there is still a lot of information to digest and process, but that comes with being in a foreign country for an entire semester.  Topics ranged from how to deal with sexual harassment to a sim card to how to not draw too much attention to yourself.  It was fun to not only listen to IES Abroad personnel for several hours, but also to see the people that I would eventually see in the classroom very soon.  It has only been two days now in Dublin, but I am excited to not only be here, but experience what is ahead.  I will be back soon with more stories of my Dublin Escapade!  Stay tuned.

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