Balancing Act

It has been a while, hasn’t it? To remind you, I (Shannon Rogers) am studying off campus (in Chicago) for a semester (this one to be exact). A few things, out of the ordinary have happened since my last post (hence why I haven’t posted in a while…).

Let me be raw with you for this post.

Following my last blog post, one of my dearest roommates underwent medical difficulties. We spent time with her in the hospital to ensure that she was safe, taken care of, and supported. Although you don’t expect (or even hope) for things like this to happen when you are off-campus, they are even still a possibility. Yes, I did not experience this first hand, but it was heart-grasping to see a close friend of mine go through extended treatment. She is one of the most strong-willed individuals I know, and ever will. As for now she is healing and thriving, continue to pray for her if you are able.

Through leaps and bounds, my confidence has grown during the course of the Newberry Seminar. I came into the program so certain on research that I wanted to do. When that research fell through, I searched–with great determination–for a new passion. I wrote 53 pages of research on a Cold War political cartoonist, John Fischetti. What!? Me!? The Communication major? The Social Science junkie? You sure bet I did. So why did I write about him? I am glad you asked.

Humor is my passion. And life is full of improvisation. The success of comedy relies on the actor saying “yes and.” “Yes”, means you accept whatever is happening. The “and” requires you to build off of what just occurred. This requires a strong ability to adapt, focus, listen, and be willing to take risks. All skills of which are particularly useful in the workplace.

I believe that in any business setting, it is important to understand the demands of cooperation and innovation. With my experience in comedy, I have found that I am extremely analytical when it comes to creating a scene. A scene requires development, or else it will completely crumble (the audience won’t be impressed). I may not be the funny friend, but I am really good at “Yes, and”-ing the funny friend!

Now, onto my last bit of news. I got ENGAGED! My boyfriend, now fiancé, of two years proposed to me on November 10th. These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of happy emotions. Such joy fills my heart that the Lord blessed me with a man so lovely as Jonathan. Praise God for we are getting married! Assuming you would like a picture of the event…

As you can see, this semester has been a balancing act to say the least. Things both hard and extremely exciting have entered into my life. I can say with great confidence that each of those things are shaping me in ways so that I can tackle any project, big or small, that comes my way.

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