Rainy Days in Auckland

When I first arrived in New Zealand, the weather was consistently warm, with temperatures rarely getting below 75 degrees. Now, winter has come and the weather has definitely been cooler. The leaves are changing and the sky is cloudy more often. Even so, the weather has still been quite enjoyable. The last couple of weekends have been […]

Stickin’ Around Auckland

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been busy with essays and other tedious assignments for my courses. It hasn’t been easy balancing all of my school work with travel and adventures. I decided to buckle down and limit my travels to short day trips outside of the city for the last two weekends. I was […]

The Shire one day – Mt. Doom the next

It has been quite some time since I have last posted. In the last few weeks, I have gone on many adventures including: skydiving, navigating through caves, climbing mountains, and more. I am adjusting more and more to this new life that I am living. It has just recently gotten to the point where I […]

100% Pure New Zealand

I have been in Middle-earth for a few days now and I have already fallen madly in love. I am convinced there is no city comparable to Auckland. One minute you’re walking down Queen Street (similar to Michigan Avenue in Chicago I’d say) and then the next you’re at the ferry port overlooking dozens of islands scattered […]