Wellington – The D.C. of N.Z.

I spent this past weekend in Wellington. After finding incredibly cheap flights with Air New Zealand, Max and I decided to spend a few days in the capital of New Zealand.   Flying into the city was absolutely beautiful. Situated on a hilly peninsula at the southernmost part of the North Island, the city of […]

Combined Christian Ball – The CCB

I wanted to grow. I wanted to be pushed. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone. Those are a few of the many reasons I chose to study abroad. It’s funny how quickly I forget them on a day-to-day basis…   Several of my friends from Church and Bible study had been bugging […]

Cass Field Station

Coming back from the Cook Islands I still had another week without class. However I had a field trip for one of my classes, Bio 375, Freshwater Ecology. The field trip was four days and took the entire class to the University’s field station at Cass up in the Southern Alps. We stayed in a […]

Vacation from a Vacation

So IES has a little secret. They arrange a field-trip vacation for you over your mid-semester break. When I registered for my study abroad semester in New Zealand I was not aware of this. However, that made the realization all the more exciting when I was told that for my break I would be going […]

My Home away from Home

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” – Deborah Cater I would definitely agree with Deborah on that point. Food is an integral part to a culture, as well as sharing time around a table and being with family. In Christchurch I have enjoyed a homestay with a Kiwi family. Renee, my “Mom” […]

Campus Church and Uni-Connect

It was 4:40pm on Sunday and Max and I had just gotten back to Christchurch after an exhausting weekend in central south island for IES orientation. I was exhausted and I wanted to sleep – but Max pressured me to go to church with him.  The church service was at 5pm and gathered in “The Foundry” […]

Abel Tasman – The Great Walkers

This past weekend I was a bit of a rebel – I decided to leave Thursday night and travel to Nelson, on the northernmost part of the southern island with some friends. Did I skip school Friday? Well, yes I did, but I was getting a different kind of education! How this came about was […]