A Weekend for the (History) Books

There is no better way to explore the city than to attend Campus Philly’s annual CollegeFest! It is a super cool event where college students are given free admission to visit over thirteen museums, all over the city. A friend of mine from the Center, Binny, and I hit about four different museums – the Rodin Museum, the National Liberty Museum, the National Museum of American Jewish History, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (with the famous statue of Rocky!). Later, I visited the Museum of American Revolution which contains the headquarters tent that George Washington lived and served alongside in during the war.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art contained many famous art pieces that I was not aware were even housed there! Here I was able to see Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet’s work. It was like stepping back in time to my art classes, back in high school, as we tried to recreate the famous “Sunflowers.”

After touring the Rodin Museum, I stopped for a picture with the ginormous sculpted doors that sit on the front of the museum. It was so large and detailed that I thought I had to have a photo with it for size comparison. Later, I had an old friend tell me that these were called “The Gates of Hell”… kinda scary!

"The Gates of Hell" at the Rodin Museum (1926-1928)
“The Gates of Hell” at the Rodin Museum (1926-1928)

And last but not least, to top off the weekend, my friends and I went to the Phillies Game! It was my first professional baseball game and I was able to experience some die-hard fans. We even (kind of!) made it on the big screen!

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